Water: What Should I Drink?

water-clean-purified-contaminated-filterIt is a fact of life that we live in a world filled with contaminants. Most of us have strong, healthy bodies to help fight them off. Consuming healthy foods every day is one of our strongest defenses. But, there are many other things we can be doing to improve our health and responsiveness. Perhaps you are ready to start improving the quality of the water that you drink.

Even if you are on a good city water system, the water is not tested for many contaminants or the city does not remove them all. A reverse osmosis, carbon block water system installed in your home can improve your water quality by removing inorganic items like perchlorates (rocket fuel), nitrates, chromium-6, arsenic, and organic compounds like atrazide, benzene, nitrates, and hormones, antibiotics and other drugs that end up in our water. Be sure to purchase a system approved by the NSF. Units often need a plumber for installation. Plan on spending $500 the first year for equipment and installation and $50 after that for carbon filters and membrane replacements. Send me an e-mail to Gail@GailPosner.com and I will respond with the name of good units and a plumber that meet your individual needs.

Speaking of water, try to avoid plastic water bottles. I love my stainless steel bottle filled with my home filtered water. If you want to buy water, the highest ranked waters for purity include: Nestle Pure Life Purified Water, Gerber Pure Purified Water, Penta Ultra Purified Water, and Dasani Purified Water.

You can contact Gail Posner, RD, MS at 248-855-4558 or www.GailPosner.com.

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