For The 21+ Crowd; Pomegranate-Rum Snow Cone

Okay, I’ll admit this right up front: this is probably going to be the Most Frivolous Post of 2011. Then again, it’s a darned clever way to pair a free, natural resource with a rather exotic condiment. Yep, ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about snow and pomegranate molasses. Considering that pomegranate molasses hails from the Middle East/Northern Africa, and considering that ice in those regions had to be brought down from lofty (and chilly) mountain peaks and was therefore quite a delicacy, pairing snow and pomegranate molasses ought to stand out a bit in the annals of gastronomy. The rum is just the metaphorical icing on the cake…or the swizzle stick in the cocktail, if you will.

To make this decidedly adult snow cone, you either need snow or a blender. The former has the advantage of authenticity; the latter has the advantage of not having to run out into a frigid landscape to scoop snow with chilled fingers. (Also the big advantage of making this a year-round drink, not to mention giving Californians the ability to make wintery Michigan-themed party cocktails.) If you’re going the authentic route, try to find a nice icicle to use as a swizzle stick. Californians are just SOL on that part…

Pomegranate-Rum Snow Cone

Pour a shot of rum and a shot of pomegranate molasses* into a glass and mix with a spoon. Gather a glassful of fresh snow (or blend ice to create snow), pour the pomegranate-rum mixture into the snow, and add more snow to the top of the glass to replace what melted on contact with the rum. Stick an icicle in the glass as a swizzle stick and serve immediately, preferably with a long-handled spoon to make enjoying the snow cone all the easier. As it melts, you can stir it to create an adult slushy. You could also skip the rum and just go with a pomegranate snow cone.

* Pomegranate molasses can be found in any Middle Eastern grocery store or in the Middle Eastern section of most well-stocked grocery stores.


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