Coffee: Surprising Health Pros And Cons

coffee-pros-cons-healthy-factsIt is no surprise that Americans love their coffee. One day we hear that coffee is bad for us, the next it is a healthy drink. We are bringing you the pros and cons in two easy to read lists to decide for yourself whether your addiction to your morning cup is a blessing or a curse.

Pros of coffee drinking:

  • Less likely to have type 2 diabetes
  • Less likely to have Parkinson’s disease
  • Less likely to have dementia
  • Less likely to have certain cancers, such as colon cancer
  • Less likely to have heart rhythm problems or strokes
  • Contains good-for-you antioxidants
  • Protects against liver damage, gallstones, and kidney stones
  • Improves work performance
  • Helps control asthma
  • Caffeine increases production of Dopamine in the brain, a chemical crucial to pleasure and motivation

Cons of coffee drinking (in relation to caffeine):

  • Can raise blood pressure and blood levels of adrenaline
  • Puts you at risk for heart disease
  • Increases cholesterol levels
  • Puts you at risk of osteoporosis (bone loss)
  • Can give you heartburn
  • Can dehydrate you
  • Can cause heart palpitations, tremors, and insomnia
  • Can cause diarrhea and frequent urination
  • Can cause headaches, drowsiness, and depression

So when you choose coffee, decaf is best. If you need your morning cup to get you going, limit moderation and be sure to drink plenty of water along with your coffee throughout the day. This will keep you hydrated and feeling great. Also remember to stop drinking in the afternoon so you’ll be able to fall asleep at bedtime. Now that you know the facts, you can decide based on your health needs whether you should keep going for the Joe or limit your coffee habits.

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  1. I thought you already wrote an article on coffee? I have to say, I never was aware that coffee could cause depression.

  2. This is Great. Cheers.

  3. That is surprising info about coffee. I do like to drink some every morning….I guess I’ll make sure to limit it to that wake-up cup. Moderation seems to be the key with most eating/drinking habits.

    • I agree with Lauren on the moderation. I drink 3-4 cups daily of full caffeine and I love it. I don’t know that I could work at 3 different careers, finish my degree online, edit my book, and teach workshops without the boost that I get from caffeine. Even for studying it definitely keeps me sharp. The one thing I do not do is to miss my morning latte! That sets the tone for my entire day. Am I addicted to caffeine? You know I am! It is my only addiction other than social media and hopefully neither can hurt me in moderation!

  4. I am thrilled with your series of articles on coffee. I even cited your articles in a marketing paper for GCU and I am always interested in coffee posts. Some are better than others but I love hearing what people have to say about coffee. Personally, I have to disagree with you about choosing decaf. In my opinion, decaf has its place but COFFEE – the REAL thing, has an important role in our lives and in our health though not for the faint of heart! French Roast- fresh ground, latte Grande and creamy sets the tone for my day! I love my caffeine! You have yours and I will have mine!

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