Why Hypnosis?

Hypnosis-hypnotherapy-denise-jacobHave you ever said to yourself or someone else “I really want to start doing _ _ _ or stop doing _ __ but I just can’t make myself do it.” Maybe it is exercise or healthier eating you want to start doing, or feeling triggered by certain people or events you want to stop doing, and no matter how much you talk about the issue and try to change, the change never happens or lasts.

The reason is simple, and the solution is hypnosis. Here’s why. You can think of your mind as having two levels, one is your conscious mind which you use for thinking, judging, evaluating, and trying to change, and the other is your subconscious mind which is the driver of all of your automatic behaviors, responses, and habits. To visualize this, think of an iceberg. Your conscious mind is the small portion visible above the water, but your subconscious mind is the huge portion under the water you cannot see. Since your subconscious mind is the driver, unless it is in agreement with what you consciously desire, you will likely find yourself in a struggle.

There are lots of reasons that your subconscious may not be in agreement with your conscious desires. This is where hypnosis comes in. Your subconscious mind is like a computer running programs that contain all of your life experiences, including those of your early years. What you heard people say about you, the beliefs you adopted about yourself and the how the world works, the reasons for your fears or phobias are all stored on your inner computer. Perhaps you learned early on that being quiet and submissive is the best way to stay safe, or that cleaning your plate made you a good girl. Maybe you developed a belief that it is more important for girls to be pretty and take care of others than to be strong or successful. These perceptions and beliefs are now below the level of your conscious awareness, but they essentially run the show. Hypnosis is a technique for changing this programming in the subconscious mind, essentially reprogramming the computer so that your subconscious mind becomes your partner in achieving the goals you consciously desire. This can happen in two ways. In one type of hypnosis session, using the deeply relaxed state called a trance, your conscious mind is encouraged to take a break and your subconscious mind becomes open to adopting suggestions for your benefit that will drive you toward your goals. In another type of session questions are asked during the trance state so that unresolved emotions and limiting beliefs can be recognized and re-framed or released. This can free you from the tyranny of the past so that you can move forward toward what you desire.

Hypnosis, with a certified hypnotherapist, is truly a gift you can give yourself. You will learn to live more consciously, so that you are no longer a victim of your subconscious programming. You can become aware of the opportunities you have to make choices in your behaviors and responses that are consistent with your goals. This can ease the process of eliminating an unwanted behavior, adopting a new attitude, and even healing a physical challenge. The potential applications of hypnosis are endless. Anyone interested in change, growth, healing, or greater happiness who is feeling stuck would benefit by speaking with a hypnotherapist to discover the ways that hypnosis might be just the right tool to move them toward their desires. Your life is meant to feel good to you. If you are struggling, hypnosis may be the solution.

Denise Jacob, RN, PhD, CHt has bachelors and doctoral degrees in nursing from the University of Michigan and hypnosis certification from the International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association. Her in-depth study of the latest developments in both conventional and alternative medicine provide her the expertise to help clients develop a truly integrative approach to life, health and healing. She uses hypnosis, healing touch, holistic nutrition and health counseling in her private practice in Birmingham, MI and is a frequent speaker on topics related to integrative health care.

Contact Information: www.jacobholistichealing.com drjacob@jacobholistichealing.com  (248) 514-8259

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