Love Conquers All in St. Lucia

travel-StLucia-vacation-zip-lining-romance-relaxationYesterday was a most amazing day. My husband, Mark, and I are in St. Lucia for a much needed vacation of rest, romance and relaxation.

After three days of the above it was time for some activity. We went zip lining. Neither of us had ever done this before. My husband took to it immediately! After gearing up, helmet, cables, hooks, gloves, etc. we climbed to the top of a Banyan tree (60ish steps) and off we went. We were to conquer eight zip lines. I was definitely scared. It doesn’t help that I am about as uncoordinated as they come!

“Put this hand here, this hand here, move up. Ready? Jump!” “What?” They don’t know me. What about some practice, here, or something? “Put one hand here and one hand here. Squeeze to brake. Don’t forget to squeeze or you’ll go face-first into the tree!” What, I thought, am I doing here? Zipping from tree to tree over valleys, rivers, hills and even a plantation/estate that was very, very old and still used for demonstrations of lifestyle in the past. We’ll get to that later. Zip I did. And zip again and again.

Love conquers. My husband knew after one or two zips that this was not something I wanted to continue but his love and warmth gave me the confidence to keep on. To conquer a fear and do it with him was a fabulous celebration of our love. He thoroughly enjoyed doing this and that was special to me. To see the look of such joy on his face as he controlled his body’s flight on the cable with a perfect landing every time was well worth it. I was happy he was having so much fun and I felt gratitude that he helped me get through it to the point where I actually did enjoy the last zip.

Back to the old plantation/estate though for another story I must tell you about love.

Apparently we were at an old coconut and cocoa estate (zipping around above) that is still utilized for demonstrations of how these two things have been processed for hundreds of years. We were given a brief tour of how the coconut is broken open, taken apart and used for all sorts of different things. We were also shown how the cocoa bean grows, gets picked, opened, parts separated and some roasted, others discarded, etc. From the cocoa roasting house we exited the back way and came out almost face to face with a donkey which was tied to a gristmill and utilized for walking in circles all day long to make a flour consistency out of the roasted cocoa beans. At the time however he was just standing, alone, in the shade looking forlorn. I walked slowly up to him speaking with a soft voice and I put my hand out and pet him on his nose and between his ears. He loved this, inching in to me for more. I did not stop petting to pick the burrs out of his mane; I just kept petting him and giving him a good scratch on the top of his head. He nuzzled closer to me putting his nose and mouth into the crook of my neck. I could feel his velvety nose and lips and his little soft whiskers as he mouthed and gently gummed at my neck. It tickled a little but mostly it felt great. I let it go on for a while. The love I felt was amazing. He just wanted companionship…and so did I. My heart was filled with warmth and love for this precious, lonely creature. I wanted to stay there all day. My husband loved watching the whole thing, shaking his head and smiling, telling our guide how all the animals love me.

Really, though, it’s not me. It’s not me at all. Here’s what to remember…we all just want a little nuzzle, a little rub, a little love, even for a brief moment. So go give some love and Happy Valentines Day to you and yours.

Animal Joy

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  1. Jennifer siegel says:

    Joy I loved this story! I almost escaped my arctic tundra, Michigan, for a moment. Thrilled you and mark and your new found friend, the donkey, are experiencing such needed and deserved bliss! Love you

  2. What a great story! And I’ve always wanted to go zip-lining…hopefully one day I will!

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