Sipping Summer & Winter Out Of A Single Glass

pear-banana-smoothie-recipe-tropical-cultured-cook“Oh, the weather outside is frightful”…so let’s pretend we’re someplace a bit more tropical with a refreshing smoothie in our hand. After this much snow, I’m okay with the idea of being a bit unseasonal and including a summery banana with a wintery pear. Using coconut milk rather than dairy is another good way to add to the tropical feeling.

If you’d rather stick to more winter-appropriate fruit, though, you could always go with a ripe Fuyu persimmon in place of the banana. Just make sure you choose a Fuyu and not a Hachiya – the Hachiya variety takes much longer to ripen and is very, very astringent until it does. The Fuyu, on the other hand, gradually sweetens as it ripens, so if you accidentally choose one that’s a little underripe, you’ll still be able to make a tasty smoothie with it.

Pear & Banana Smoothie
This makes enough for 1 hearty serving; feel free to multiply the ingredient amounts to reflect however many portions you need.

1 firm but brown (not green!) Bosc pear, core and stem removed, cut into quarters or rough chunks
1 medium banana
Splash of coconut milk (or dairy, or nut, or grain, or whatever else you’d like)
Dash of ground ginger (optional)

Blend all ingredients until you have a smoothie that’s as thick or thin as you want it to be, adding more milk if necessary. Likewise, if you overdo the milk and want to make your smoothie thicker, cut another banana in half and add it a half at a time. (Unpeeled-but-cut-in-half bananas will seal themselves and will last for several days at room temp, so any leftover halves won’t go to waste.) I like adding a bit of ginger to give the smoothie a bit of a spicy kick.

Note that the smoothie will darken a little upon standing – that’s the pear oxidizing and turning brown after having been puréed – but the color won’t affect the taste.


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