Healing Relationships: Revision With Love And Compassion

So often we carry pain from a person in our life who has hurt us deeply.  It may be a parent, a spouse, an ex, a friend, or even a child.

Allowing ourselves to feel and acknowledge these feelings of hurt, fear or sadness is vital to our sense of well-being. As we allow ourselves to feel and grieve that which has hurt us, we are able to move beyond the pain and open to living with more ease and joy and freedom.

We learn as we live that we cannot change other people. We can however change our thoughts, behaviors and attitude as we learn to see this person through the eyes of love and compassion. You will be pleased with the peace this brings into your own heart and the positive change that takes place in the relationship when this is practiced.

Below is one of my favorite visualizations for healing relationships:

Take a moment to sit quietly and picture the person who is causing you pain or discomfort sitting in front of you. Take time to picture him or her as spiritual being whose essence is love.

Visualize this person as a small child…filled with possibility and promise. Know that this person has been hurt by life in ways you may not fully know or understand.

Imagine looking at this person with soft eyes and a loving and accepting heart …knowing deep inside of yourself that they are doing their best they can with the resources and knowledge that they now have.

Hold this tender image of them in your mind and imagine that your soft eyes, your love and compassion has become a healing spiritual light that is reaching all the hurt places in this person.

And then visualize the light coming back to you and healing the hurt places in your own heart.  Bask in the beauty of this light for as long as you need.

I am wishing you a peaceful heart and loving, joyful relationships.

Brenda Strausz is a holistic psychotherapist with a practice in Southfield. She combines traditional and alternative therapies to help you to live with more peace, joy and freedom.  Her belief in the healing power of love and forgiveness guides her work. She can be reached at dearbrenn@aol.com or www.brendastrausz.com.

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