Gift Ideas For Any Type Of Guy

Always stumped on what gift to buy your guy? With Valentine’s Day coming up, let us help you find the perfect present for the man who gives you all the love you deserve.

Is your man into vintage style, retro gifts, and creativity? Check out Lido Gallery in Birmingham, MI for great retro and vintage gifts that won’t break the bank. They have authentic replica Sinatra hats for $49 that will make your man look debonair on date night. They even have fun gifts that will fulfill any man’s sweet tooth. They sell America Rocks chocolate or jelly bean treats that look like actual rocks. Check out more gifts from Lido Gallery here.

Is your man way into all things sports? Instead of groaning about it, use his obsession as an idea for a great gift he’ll love! Buy him tickets for his favorite team, available from cheap to pricey on Test his sports knowledge with a sports trivia book or game, such as “Rick Barry’s Super Sports Trivia Game”. You can find sports trivia books and games at Barnes & Noble.

Maybe your man is loveably geeky and into technology. Score points with him by buying him that new camera or Ipod he’s been craving. Too expensive? No worries, buy him his favorite show on DVD. Then the two of you can watch together on Valentine’s night!

Great gifts for any type of guy are always food-related. Bake him a cake, cookie, brownie, whatever he loves. Cook him a special Valentine’s dinner. As we all know, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach first!

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