Celebrate Life!

dance-celebrate-life-relationshipsWhy wait for a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or holiday to celebrate the gift of life? Everyday is an opportunity to rejoice in all the blessings and miracles that are available to us. Truly, each one of us is a miracle, our bodies are a miracle, and the earth that we live on is a miracle. Our relationships with each other are blessings for growth, transformation and to share our love for each other and life. Whether you choose to take accountability or not, you have the power every minute to invite joy and happiness. You have the capacity to surrender the past to celebrate today. Leave the melodramas and stories behind, acknowledging them for making your life richer. Use all of your life experiences to open you up to the sweetness of life rather than as an excuse to wear it as protective armor. The challenges we face are opportunities for growth to see the beauty all around us.

Your life is the dance that you are leading. Take a stand for it and have the courage and freedom to share openly and authentically the gifts that you were given to inspire and empower all those you touch.

I have never heard anyone say that there is just too much joy and happiness in this world; rather they say there is too much suffering. Why not always be open to joy? The more you open up to joy, the more you share it, the more you create it on this planet, and we are all co-creating the world we live in. Live every day in celebration for your life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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