Allison’s Awesome Home-Made Chili Without A Recipe- For Every Type Of Eater!

Just In Time For Super Bowl Or Anytime

crock-pot-home-made-three-bean-turkey-chili-or-vegetarianI must confess; I make GREAT Chili, without a real recipe. Of course, everything is a matter of one’s taste! My girlfriends have been bothering me for days now to give them my “secret” recipe for Turkey Chili with loads of  beans. Although somewhat embarrassed, I promise I haven’t been holding out for any reason other than I don’t ( I can’t) follow a recipe, so writing one is difficult. For me, recipes require following way too many rules; tedious measuring, tossing, whisking, sifting, folding, draining, boiling for 30 seconds, simmering for 10, cover on, cover off – I can’t stand it. Too much focused attention needed. Obviously, I prefer unstructured cooking; no books, no emails, no phone calls or index cards) In my house it’s either my style of cooking, go to subway or starve! So, here it is – have at it!

This is how I made chili last week: Makes enough for 6-8 big eaters with plenty leftover!

1- 3 pounds of white meat ground turkey unless you don’t eat meat – use tempeh or nothing!

2 -1 large white onion chopped – type???

3 -minced or crushed garlic from a jar – a few heaping spoonfuls

saute’ above ingredients with olive oil, paprika, salt and pepper


In a large soup pot on the same stove, mix together:

4 large cans of your favorite beans – kidney, pinto, garbanzo, black beans, whatever. I prefer kidney, red and white and pinto beans

2 large cans of diced seasoned organic tomatoes – I try to use ALL organic ingredients!

1 medium can of tomato paste and a can or two of water

1 large can of drained corn – drain the beans too!

3-4 packages of your favorite chili seasoning mix without the mesa flour

sea salt and ground black pepper to taste (of course)

Toss in the turkey and onions-mix and cook for an hour SIMMER…..always better the next day!

Sprinkle with your favorite cheese and serve. Voila!

Please don’t email me for calorie info because I don’t know or care! Obviously there is minimal fat and all the ingredients are healthy! Portion management is probably your best bet. Or eat until your feel full! (yeah right!)

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  1. thanks for the recipe and i love the way you explained it typical allison

  2. Sounds Delish! Thanks….and love your style for recipes!

  3. Thanks, Allison!

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