FEED YOUR FACE: A New Spin On Anti-Aging Skin Care

feed-your-face-skin-care-anti-aging-anti-wrinkles-youthful-skinWhat do most of us over-40ers look for in a skin care product? Would you say: get rid of lines and wrinkles, pull up or tighten the sagging, remove those freckly sun spots, lift the hooding of the upper eyelids? Of course! We all want the same kinds of help for the dewy complexion of our youth. But how many of us, no matter how much money we spend, ever actually get much result with what we are spending all the $$ on? Well, I have been introduced to a new skin care line called Visible Solutions by Max International (only sold through private marketing and not in stores). I have got to say “WOW”. I would not have believed it if I had not seen the results with my own eyes. Their skin care pack of 5 products really delivers the results that you might see if you get an invasive procedure, but almost never see in a daily product regimen — with no irritation, redness, allergic responses, etc. (I have very sensitive skin and it feels amazing). I have never been as excited about a beauty product in my life.

This revolutionary product is mostly all natural with a scientifically proven and long studied formula using a special grade of natural aloe and other ingredients that work perfectly together to give you results you want after only one week! If you want more information on how to get a sample applied to your face to see it for yourself (even after one application you can see a change), then contact me, Linda Wolschlager at naturalnutritionadvisor@gmail.com and I will personally come to your house and show you what I am talking about. I want to share it with everyone!

Now, I also want to talk to you about the importance of what we ingest into our bodies as well, that have a huge effect on our skin. Do you read the product label of ingredients on everything you put on your face? Anything that is not labeled “organic” has soooo many chemicals and preservatives in it that actually get into our bloodstream. Our skin is the biggest organ of our bodies, and everything we use on it, affects our glandular system, hormones and can even possibly cause cancer cells or disrupters to grow.

That being said, please try as much as possible to buy organic lotions, foundations and eye and neck or body creams. After years of abusing our skin with all that is on the market that is loaded with those unnatural ingredients, the more chance we have of introducing disease to our cells. Even the expensive fancy designer cosmetic companies don’t provide us with healthy, non-chemical laden products, unless its labeled as “organic”. I really like a company called “Arbonne” which makes cosmetics that are beautiful and safe. This also is not sold in stores, but by private marketers.

What else can you do? Take Omega-3 capsules daily (I recommend Nordic Naturals or Carlson Labs brands for purity). Omega 3-s give us the healthy fatty acids to replenish our skin cells and joints, as well as improve brain function and help our hormones work the way they need to. Try to drink 7-8 glasses of water daily, eat as many fruits and vegetables, and unrefined grains as you possibly can while staying away from simple refined processed sugar products. Sugar acts as an inflammatory and causes premature aging, bloating, and loss of glowing complexion. Fruits and veggies help to fight the free radicals that ravage our cells into disease, so the more organic fruits, vegetables and grains you eat, the more chance you have to protect your skin from aging and your body from sickness. Definitely what we put in our bodies on the inside that is good, it will nourish the youthful glow we are all trying to regain. Exercise also completes the process by providing oxygen, moisture and blood flow to the skin to draw out impurities and bring rosiness to our cheeks (and it lasts for hours on our faces).

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  1. Thank you for this great info. I will be starting Omega 3′s this week!

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