I Can’t Make a Decision- Mindfulness Principles To the Rescue!

 Woman-decision-making-problems-mindfulness-indecisionDo you need to know every little detail before you make a decision? Do you need to speak to fifty people, ask their opinion and need to know every detail of the outcome instead of letting go of any attachment or expectation?

I recently took a Mindfulness Meditation Course, which was very congruent with my Yoga training along with how we conduct our Reconnect with Food comprehensive eating disorder treatment program. Potential program participants and even potential Yoga therapy trainees get very wrapped up in the outcome without wanting to experience their own journey. Some of these reactions make it clear to me that practicing mindfulness can help us see beyond an intense situation.

Mindfulness Principles:

Attention - Can you wake up and become fully alert to the present and live in the here and now, appreciating ordinary and joyous moments?

Intention – Can you choose to pay attention to the present vs. worrying about the past or future?

Affection – Do you treat yourself and others with kindness? Or, are you so hard on yourself that commitment cannot ever be possible as the perfect moment becomes unattainable?

Mindfulness Practice:

Patience -

Cultivate patience with yourself and the process that is in front of you. Don’t expect to know and learn everything with a minimal investment of time.

Trust -

Trust the process vs. worrying about what will be or what should be. Go with the flow and “allow” vs. resist.

Beginner’s mind -

Show interest and curiosity as if you were approaching something for the very first time. Maybe you have been in a treatment program or a training program that you feel is similar. Can you approach your healing/learning work with a fresh outlook and know that you can always learn something new?

Non-striving -

Don’t try so hard to “get it right.” Take each step while being in the moment. Make it a personal journey of exploration.

Non-judging -

Are you judging what lies before you or are you really judging yourself?

Acceptance -

Accept what you cannot change and learn from the outcome vs. beating yourself up. Obstacles are our greatest teacher.

Letting go/letting be -

Letting go of the past allows you to return your attention to the present moment. Resist getting attached to the outcome.

Letting go and staying present is hard work. Ultimately, being mindful opens the doors to all new possibilities.


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  1. Although I know to let go and let be, I am guilty of all the negative responses in this article. Being intuitive, I should have learned by now to trust in my own instincts, but I still worry on. I love the notion of ‘acceptance.’ Thank you.

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