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Lena-Piskorowski-fashion-forward-my-style-my-way-dress-clothing-dresslpASK In Your Face is proud to announce that our fabulous Fashion Forward editor, Lena Piskorowski is a co-author of a brand-new book, My Style, My Way. The book features 20 authors who share their secrets on looking AND feeling great in fashion for every occasion. Piskorowski focuses on International fashion and how to create a look at home that you find abroad. She will help you shop the world for your unique look. The book also shares fashion tips from travel to finding clothes to fit your personality to makeup and more!

Here is an excerpt from the book and you read it first on ASK In Your Face:

“Your personal style is so much more than clothes and fashion. Your style and your image combine to create the message you send out to your friends, family, clients and colleagues every time you walk into a room, a restaurant or an office. In fact, your image is the way you present yourself in all that you say and do! Of course you want your image to be the best it can be–as well as a reflection of your own unique personality and style.

my-style-my-way-book-lena-piskorowski-fashion-forward-clothing-reading-excerptWith this book, you can quickly rev up your style, because as top experts in each of our respective specialties, we’ve joined together to give you the most effective image strategies we know. Some bits of advice are repeated in different chapters–that should tell you how important that advice is!

Each of us has seen how even small changes in your personal image can transform your self-confidence and uplift your spirit. New colors, more flattering styles, a confident carriage and new ways of looking at the world and interacting with others will boost your self-assurance like nothing else. Learning some important travel tips and knowing how to dress and what to shop for during your trip will make your vacation or business trip a memorable one.

It’s all here–how-to’s for makeup, hair, accessories and foundations, and even how to dress for a date! You’ll discover great tips for organizing your closet, building a capsule wardrobe and taking care of those all-important details. All the image professionals you will meet in this book want you to have the confidence and style to go anywhere and feel and look terrific! We have shared our best tips and proven guidelines to help you reveal your beautiful new style.

To get the most out of this book, we recommend that you read through it once, cover to cover. Then go back and follow the tips that apply to you, in the chapters most relevant to your current situation. Every image improvement you make will make a difference in how you feel and in how others respond to you in your daily personal and professional life.

Developing your personal style can take some time. If you take action and apply the strategies, tips and tactics we share in these pages, you will reap many rewards. With our knowledge and your action, we are confident that, like our thousands of satisfied clients, you too will master the magic of My Style, My Way.”

Here is a press release announcing this great book:

Local businessperson Lena Piskorowski has co-authored a just-released book, My Style My Way, in which Lena shares strategies 
and tools to gain confidence and style to go anywhere and 
always feel and look terrific. Detroit, MI – Your style and your image create the message you send to everyone when you walk into a room, a restaurant or an office. The way you present yourself when you speak and act reflects your unique personality. My Style, My Way, co-authored by Lena Piskorowski, gives you what you need to present the perfect image every time, everywhere.

“Travel and the adventure of experiencing other lifestyles is an excellent opportunity to add to your look and to create a style that is uniquely yours and not easily copied. Training your eye to know what to look for and where ensures you will buy quality pieces that can last a lifetime,” writes the co-author.

In My Style, My Way, Lena Piskorowski is joined by 19 other image professionals who share proven strategies and advice to reveal and nourish your own beautiful style and turn ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

Style, however, is more than appearance. It is a vital element of true success, which comes from having the best life possible, discovering and living your life’s purpose and bringing your personal vision into reality. Using self-exploration and inquiry, My Style, My Way shows you how to align body, mind and spirit and cultivate the image of your dreams.

The co-authors of My Style, My Way are successful, professional image consultants. They share information to help you:

- Walk and move with confidence.

- Dress for your body type.

- Explore new ways of looking at the world and interacting with others.

- Boost your self-assurance.

My Style, My Way is available for $24 from or For more information on My Style, My Way, please visit or visit

My Style, My Way is a publication of THRIVE Publishing, founded by Caterina Rando, MA, MCC. THRIVE Publishing creates books that build thriving businesses and give small business people and entrepreneurs tools to create visibility, increase credibility, develop confidence and raise revenue. For more information, please visit

Contact: Lena Piskorowski,

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