Meet Lauren Stewart, Our New Team Member

ASK In Your Face welcomes a new intern, Lauren Stewart to the team. Lauren is a recent graduate from Oakland University’s journalism program and has also interned at Creative Books and Music LLC and The Michigan Lean Consortium. Her main passion has always been writing, often wanting new pens and paper from the store instead of the hottest new toy as a kid. She currently lives at home with her wonderful and supporting parents, a rat named Buddy and a dog named Hannah. Besides writing in all ways she can, including her own blog called Lauren’s Thoughts, she loves to hang out with friends and her boyfriend Kevin of 2 1/2 years, ride her bike and run, learn all she can about technology and hang out online, and try out new makeup and skincare products. She is very excited to begin working with ASK In Your Face.

Lauren Stewart blogging for ASKinyourface.comHer first articles were about Skin Brushing and My Style, My Way.

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  1. Yay! Nice to meet you Lauren;)

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