Brenda Strausz on Mid-Life

Brenda-Strausz-psychologist-gratitude-mid-lifeFor as long as I can remember my dream was to be a psychologist. I did not follow my dream however until age 49, after my last child left for college. The wisdom I gained through my years as a wife, mother, friend and educator is invaluable. This classroom called “life” was its own great education!
 I love helping women increase their self-love and make peace with the past. When I view my clients through a lens of love, they see themselves through that same light. The smallest act of loving-kindness can have a huge effect on the world.

Mid-life is an empowering time. I used to worry a lot, but now I stay present. I used to worry about the future and fret about the past, which caused anxiety and depression. Now, I stay in the moment, a peaceful place to be. I used to think I could control other people’s behaviors, but now I know all I can control is myself – my attitudes, thoughts and behaviors. Best of all, at midlife I know that I don’t need things to be happy.

Gratitude helps me get through life’s big bumps. My kids and my granddaughter live out of town and instead of spending my energy bemoaning the fact that they are not local, I am thankful that they are healthy, happy and well-functioning!

Every day, I set an intention, which focuses the work that I do and the approach that I take to everyone in encounter. It feels great to live on purpose! When life has meaning and purpose, every day is an adventure.

Every woman should take the time to find out what makes her come alive and incorporate that into her life as much as possible. Also, it’s imperative to give freely of everything that is alive in you-your smile, your love, your kindness, your spirit, your joy, your time. Treat yourself with love, kindness and compassion. Take care of yourself! If you don’t, your energy will disappear and you’ll have nothing left to give to others.

Don’t use the past as an excuse. Do everything you can to move beyond it so you can be open to living fully, richly and freely.

I have raised my children; I have a great relationship with my husband, kids and extended family. I know what is important in life; I have a career I am passionate about. I know who I am and spend very little time worrying about what others think of me. I feel more clear, vibrant and alive than ever! And you can too. Just listen to that little voice inside you and let it lead the way.

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