The Odd Side Effects of Exercise

Coping with odd side effects of exercise

women-exercise-workout-coregasmResearchers have been touting the healthy side effects of exercise for years. Regular workouts can help you lose weight, boost mood, and live longer. But your daily workout can also have some strange — and pretty wonderful — side effects. From exercise-induced ear popping to the, uh, pleasures of a core workout, experts explain what’s behind your body’s weirdest physical reactions.

Yawning: Your body’s way of dealing with transitions, such as waking up, getting bored, or working out. Yawning may be an indicator that you’re warming up. Fix it: A little yawning is nothing to worry about, but excessive yawning could be a sign of an underlying heart and blood pressure issue and should be checked out by a doctor.

Passing Gas: Quite common during yoga and forms of core work. Moves like leg lifts and crunches build pressure around your middle and up your chances of letting one loose each time you contract the muscles around your internal organs. Fix it: Stay clear of gassy foods such as dairy, beans and broccoli, especially right before your workout.

Runny Nose: May also be a reaction to pollen, the temperature, or outdoor humidity, especially if you’re running outside. Fix it: Lighten up your routine or bring your workout indoors.

Coregasm: Some extra motivation to exercise! But not just any fitness routine can trigger the big-O — coregasms most commonly happen during an intense core workout, which may explain the wait for the Ab Roller at the gym. Want to know more about the “Coregasm?” Read this:

Ear Popping: Happens when your body tries to maintain equal pressure between the outside air and that inside your middle ear. Fix it: Swallowing, yawning and staying hydrated can help unplug your ears.

Heartburn: Usually just an effect of your morning breakfast burrito. Fix it: Stay away from dairy before you head to the gym and wait about two hours after every meal before running. If chest pain is ever intense or crushing, play it safe, stop exercising and get help.

Cramps: Can occur for any number of reasons — electrolyte imbalances, dehydration, ill-fitting shoes. Fix it: Try snacking on a banana (a good source of potassium) and remember to hydrate before exercising.

Headache: Causes are still fairly unknown, but researchers hypothesize that rigorous workouts cause the blood vessels inside your skull to dilate. Fix it: Move your workout indoors during hot days, and pay particular attention to your breathing and form. If your headaches are persistent, talk to your doctor.

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