Can I Really Have An Orgasm While Working Out?

yoga-plank-coregasm-workoutCoregasm? The question from an anonymous reader goes something like this: (with a bit of editing)

Recently, I heard a few women talking about how they are able to have an orgasm while working out. Where the #*$%#@ have I been. I am so jealous. Can I get one too? Can I have it, please? Allison, have you ever experienced an orgasm from exercise? Is this something you can teach me?


Thanks for the great, or should I say “stimulating” question. Yes, reaching an orgasm or feeling close to the “coregasm” from certain abdominal strengthening exercises seems to be the new ” sizzling hot” fitness topic. News Flash! The “coregasm” is not new. What’s new is this: Orgasm, while working out has only recently been given the name,” coregasm” and women are talking about it and wanting it! As a matter of fact, some women reach orgasm from other types of exercises too. For example, slow, controlled leg lifts on your back, gluteal squeezes with hip lifts or pelvic tilts seem to do the trick as well. Basic training from deep in the pelvic floor is all it takes. Squeezing and contracting the right muscles umpteen times and building up tension is pretty much the BIG SECRET! As always, it will take some women a little bit longer.

According to sex therapist, Dr. Victoria Zdork, ”A lot of women require a buildup of tension in their legs before they can achieve the release of orgasm. So, when a women exercises, the release of endorphins and dopamine, which are necessary for orgasm, combined with tension in the lower extremities, can cause the clitoral stimulation that is needed..”

It happens when women tap into the muscles in their deep core, quads, or thighs. They end up automatically squeezing the pelvic muscles which triggers nerve impulses, and voila — a coregasm is born. One squeeze won’t necessarily work, but if your doing many repetitions, that much stimulation can cause intense pleasure in your nether region. If that doesn’t get you to the gym, then I don’t know what will!

Remember the good old fashion Kegel exercises, the one your Gynecologist always recommends to tighten things up down there? Works like a charm for some women. I am reminded of a woman, several years ago in my senior weight training class. She was so excited by the kegel chair exercises I was teaching. With schocking enthusiasm she announced to the group, “I haven’t felt anything this good in years.” We all laughed and kept on squeezing!

Hmmmmmm …. a great workout, strong core muscles and an orgasm in one session? Sounds like a pretty good hour to me. Of course, if you have an extreme sex life you can burn calories, build muscle, release toxins from a slippery sweat and have a great orgasm, without shoes or a yoga mat! It’s possible to burn 200-1000 calories from an orgasm following 30-60 minutes of wild lovemaking. Wow! Great plan for Valentines day ladies!

Warning: Next time you head to the gym…pack your maxi pad!

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