We Are All Art And Artists

art-artists-creativity-self-expression-freedomContrary to the belief that certain people are artists while others are simply not born with that gift, we are all artists in life. The concepts of art are the same we use in our everyday living; we are the artists to our lives. An artist is creating a piece of work, a molded expression of how they experience the world around their self and then share it with everyone else. This is what we are: a work of art.

Each person is walking around as an expression of who they are on the inside. We display our inner state of being through body language, speech, style, and action. Think of the world as a giant museum and each person a different creation From this perspective we can see how each person is different but in the family of art. We may not like the details or whole piece in general, but it is a unique creation; furthermore we may not understand how a person displays their self or agree with how their inner workings are expressed out into the world but they are a different piece of art.

Many artists have not been given the same tools, or set of circumstances, that allow them to balance their work. We are all working to find that perfect balance between control and spontaneous freedom, work and play, openness and boundaries, just as the artists we naturally are. We seek a balance between uniting as a whole while staying an individual, this is a commonly known design principle called “unity with variety,” which is ultimately what we are as a universe.

You are a magnificent work of art, and you are the artist constantly expressing yourself as you move through life.

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