Try This Treadmill Workout For A Change Of Pace!

Treadmill-home-workout-fitnessRight about this time of year we start looking at our treadmill crossed eyed; tired of the indoor “pounding out the miles” ending up on the same treadmill, in the same room while watching the same ridiculous TV shows. Enough already. It’s time for a change of pace!

Hang in there everyone! Springtime, outdoor bootcamp workouts and the like are just around the corner. In the meantime….muster up some gratitude, honor your treadmill and stay focused on your fitness goals….Here’s a new twist on your loyal friend; the treadmill. (Never forget who your true friends are!)

Treadmill Power Workout:

1- Hit the start button and start walking at a warmup pace for 5 minutes * Try to keep your hands OFF the side rails while walking! Less gripping means more core involvement.

2- STOP the treadmill and prepare for wide-grip wall style push-ups using the rail in front of you – STAY ON THE TREADMILL! Stand arms length or more from the rail, hands just outside the shoulders, feet together and tummy tight. Lead with your heart and fall into the rail. Push-off with gusto! Repeat 30 times! OR Hit the deck (on your treadmill) Give me 30!

3- Start walking 5% incline 4.0 speed – 5 minutes.

4- STOP the treadmill and lower the incline to 1%. Rest your hands lightly on the rail - NO GRIPPING! Squat as low as you can then power lift up onto your toes – 30 times. Move quickly and powerfully! High Intensity Version: Squat low and jump up! (land gently)

5- Start walking at 5% incline and 4.0 speed. Increase your incline by 1% every minute for 5 minutes. Stay at 10% for 2 minutes. Walk yourself back to 3% and 2.5 speed.

6- Rest your hands lightly on the rail. Walking Lunges- Stretch out your stride; slow and long. Now make it a lunge by lowering your back knee as much as possible. Pay strict attention so your back foot doesn’t slip off  the treadmill. Continue lunging for 2 more minutes! Awesome! NO GRIPPING!  High Intensity Version:  STOP  your treadmill!  Lunge, Jump-up & Switch (land gently)

7- Repeat #2 but narrow your hand position – 30 Push-offs!

8- Start walking! 5% – 7% incline, 4.0 speed. Add 2-5 pound hand weights – 5 minutes.

9.- Begin your cool down (no weights) 3-5 minutes

10- Use the rail as a ballet bar and stretch. Well done!

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