Dressing Like Your Man? Or Not?

Britney_Denim_women's-fashion-trends-styleThis topic started surfacing around the time boyfriend jackets were everywhere. I remember seeing an article in ELLE where Joe Zee styled girlfriends with their boyfriend’s clothes. Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, let’s address the look-a-like situation, now. You may have experienced dressing similar to your significant other or have seen a couple show up in matching ensembles. Is it cute or gross? Unless, we’re speaking of a hilarious Halloween costume, I advise against this.

To share a personal story, I remember one time just as we were walking out of the house, my boyfriend and I looked at each other and realized we were wearing the same thing. Grey jeans (mine skinny, not his!) both cuffed, a plaid button down shirt and brown boots. Being a typical girl, I stated that I’m keeping my outfit on and that he should be the one to change. We were going to a birthday party of a two-year old. Being the only couple without children, showing up in matching apparel would just promote our yuppiedom!

If you enjoy coordinating, (your children wear matching outfits routinely not just on holidays, you take family pictures with everyone wearing the same ‘look’ or your shoes always match your bag) then try sharing a theme with the love of your life, instead of an exact match. For example, the two of you are attending a party. Make a decision on the dress code level you would like to wear and be on the same page. If one is in a suit, the other wears a dress, skirt or formal pants, not jeans. Should you decide to wear a fur coat, let’s not have him arrive in a Patagonia jacket.

It is common to gravitate towards similar colors, especially if you live with that person–your home is probably decorated in shades of which you each enjoy. Also too, if your natural coloring is alike, then the same hues will compliment both of your skin tones. Dressing in color theme is especially prevalent when attending formal events such as weddings. It may be a subconscious extension of prom into adult life, as many prefer their date to wear coordinating colors, whether that be found in his shirt, tie or suit. This makes sense, but again, you don’t need to be twins. If you have a yellow dress, then try mimicking shades of yellow in his pocket square or tie. You don’t need to put a stamp on your man, subtle wardrobe tie-ins are chic.

I’ve always been of the mindset that it is more fun to be a girl–this is predominantly speaking from a dressing standpoint. We have so many options of things to wear and ways to transform ourselves. Guys wear a top and a bottom and have a few options on what those can be. While we can either enjoy getting dressed or stress out at our many options, sometimes it’s easiest to dress like a boy. A collared shirt, a pant and boots, that’s a quick recipe for comfortability and it’s an easy ‘go-to.’

So the next time you are running around your bedroom looking for what to wear, you can’t go wrong with the boyish default. It doesn’t matter if you need to be dressed up for a meeting (silky blouse, black pants and ankle boots) or dressed down for the movies (chunky sweater, jeans and wedge boots), you can find a combo that works for you. If, by chance, you feel this doesn’t fulfill your style enough, add accessories! As Isaac Mizrahi once said, “One woman’s ‘too much’ is another woman’s ‘basic black.’”

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