Mindful Moments with Brenda Strausz: My Love Letter to the World

I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.~ Mother Teresa

expressions_self_love-mindfulnessI remember talking to a friend in high school where I berated myself for not being able to play an instrument or sing or dance well. “Oh Brenda, don’t you see?” she so sweetly answered me. “You are a sunshine spreader! You are always inspiring people with your joy and positivity. That is the best gift you can give!” My friend’s comment was very astute. I have an important job in the world.

My articles are a love letter to the world. I like to think of people smiling quietly when they read them. I am hoping that if they read something that touches their soul, their heart may expand a bit; they may stand a little taller and see the world through different eyes. Maybe they read a sentence or two to their mom over the phone or make a copy to keep on their bulletin board. Maybe they think about one of the lines during the day that inspires them or brings them comfort.

My workshops and sessions with my clients are my love letters to the world also. They give me an opportunity to love and be of service.

My children are my love letter to the world. I told them when they began to take trips out of the country that they were ambassadors for our family, for Michigan and for the United States. Grown up now, I am proud that they show love and caring in their daily interactions with people in their lives.

There are artists like my sister Cheryl and my sister-in-law Jo who bring joy into the world with a luscious interplay of color and light. There are gardeners like my father who create living oases of beauty and wonder. How about the decorators (or homemakers) who create spaces of beauty that make you feel all warm and cozy inside? Or the teachers like my husband Richard and my favorite high school social studies teacher, Mr. O’Hara who inspire you to reach higher and higher? Teachers of yoga like Allison Stuart Kaplan and Lynn Medow bring you a calm and flexible body, mind and soul. There are musicians like Yitazk Perlman and singers like Barbara Streisand whose music and lyrics reach the depths of your soul. Of this, I am certain that every kind and wonderful things we do fills the world with light and becomes our love letter to the world. So, what is your love letter to the world and how do you deliver it?

Brenda Strausz is a holistic psychotherapist practicing in the Metro Detroit area who blends alternative and conventional techniques to help you live with more ease, joy and freedom. She can be reached at www.BrendaStrausz.com or dearbrenn@aol.com

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  1. Because of reading your blog , I decided to write my own. I had never been interested in keeping a blog until I saw how fun yours was, then I was inspired! .

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