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traveling-healthy-immune-healthBuilding and maintaining a healthy pH balance of our body is the best way to ensure keeping us strong against catching those nasty bugs that we are exposed to everywhere. Our healthy pH is what creates the barrier for our cells to help prevent the bacteria from attacking. But here’s some extra tips on getting immunity as easily as possible beforehand.

Getting a good night sleep can boost your immune response! This information is according to a study of people who received a hepatitis A vaccination. Participants who got plenty of sleep after being vaccinated had a stronger immune response to the vaccine. This suggests that a person who is well-rested would also be likely to have a stronger immune response to other viruses than someone who has not gotten enough sleep.

One month after receiving the vaccine, the participants who got enough sleep had almost double the amount of antibodies (a marker of immune response) as the sleep-deprived group. Researchers suggest that the release of certain hormones during sleep may boost the immune system.

In addition, I want to point out that its also a good idea to strengthen your immune system every day for up to one to two weeks before you leave by trying these things: Take 1 dropperful of Astragalus liquid in a tiny amount of water each day. Astragalus is a herbal remedy, very safe and used for hundreds of years to boost immunity. You can get this at Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods or Better Health stores; Take one capsule of Olive Leaf Extract (250 mg.) twice per day. Olive Leaf also boosts the immune system before and during illness. Take one good quality probiotic each day to ensure healthy gut flora. I prefer the brands that need to be refrigerated like: U Choice Super 8 Probiotic Formula. In addition taking a probiotic daily helps the digestion/elimination process, which gives you overall better health and immunity. Zinc 25mg. Once daily which is also an impurity fighter with many healing properties.

In addition, do not use the blankets provided by the airline, as they are not cleaned well and harbor many germs, as does the seat pocket in front of you (there has been actual germ tests to show these things are huge germ collectors! After riding escalators, pushing elevator buttons, and touching handrails at the airport or on the airplane seat, wash your hands frequently (using Purell often is not advised, as hand sanitzers remove the healthy pH balance of our skin due to the ingredient, Triclosan. Removing the healthy pH just makes our skin more prone to bacteria getting through it, so just use soap and water! If you have to wipe your nose or eyes before getting through, as our skin is our protection barrier. Try to use the back of your finger or hand to avoid contamination to your eyes, nose or mouth if you must rub or scratch, until handwashing is possible. And, please drink about 8-10- glasses of water daily to flush out toxins from the intestines, kidneys and lymphatic system. Many other things contribute to a healthy immune system, too numerous to mention here, but if you go to my website as shown above, you can download an Mp3 recording of my interview with Dr. Stuart Hite regarding staying healthy naturally during cold and flu season and understand the importance of knowing your pH.

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