Balanced Style

Style is not merely made up of clothing and accessories artfully placed on the body; rather, it is a clear representation of how we live our lives. I believe that each of us is either living our lives from the inside out or the outside in.

In this context, living from the inside out means creating from the inner self or a spontaneous surge of internal inspiration. When living from the inside out, we stay true to the intention of our life (and style), even as external factors or trends attempt to shift our vision. Conversely, living from the outside in represents a constant shifting of oneself as the environment around us changes. Our world and fashion are always evolving which plays as a source of external inspiration for style.

With style, like all things in life, there is a beautiful balance that must be cultivated between the two ways of living. It is possible to be the ever-changing, re-inventor of self, while also staying connected to one’s roots. Achieving this balance in our wardrobe shows the world that we are authentic transformers who are comfortable with ourselves, even as we grow and change.

Coming from this kind of self-confidence, we start each day ready to take on the world — and know how to dress the part!

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