Discover Yourself Through Creativity

Creativity is a key component to our spiritual health and is accessible at every moment. It sometimes seems we are waiting for a muse or an exotic swoosh of energy to burst into our lives throwing our skirts overhead and giving us an inspired, new perspective. An unexpected inspiration may happen, but often times it is our ability to press the pause button on the replaying movie of our life. When we are caught up in the same story of who we are and what we can or cannot do, we block the possibility of creation and innovation.

In yogic philosophy it is believed that there are three Gods that reign supreme amongst all other Gods: Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu. These three Gods represent the on-going circle of life: Destruction, Creation, and Preservation.

Shiva is the Destroyer and Transformer. He is the God that burns away our samskaras (embedded patterns) and tears down the old so that it can begin anew. He is the God of Transformation, for each time he destroys something inevitably becomes a new formation. To create we must move through Shiva’s fire to destroy that which no longer serves our higher purpose and our greatest self.

Brahma is the great Creator. Each symbol depicted of him shows representation of his eternal process of creation. After Shiva has set flames to our past we have space available to invite Brahma into our lives for creativity. A question to ask is, “What will I fit into this space?” or “What is the intention for this creation?” Perhaps the answer to this question is space itself, or is it your calling or purpose? In Hindu mythology your highest purpose is Dharma, one of Brahma’s sons.

Vishnu is the God of Preservation. Vishnu sees that our Dharma is supported, governed and maintained; that our creation perseveres to serve it’s highest purpose before beginning the cycle again. This process of re-creation is where your truth and true self is found.

Creativity gains momentum as we innovate ourselves, follow through on our divine creation, and share this impactful power of our art. Committing to growth is a sure way to be in a constant process of re-creating self and sharing that new vision with the world through a medium you love. Your expression can be through writing, design, sports, music, painting, cooking etc. If you don’t know what medium you love start trying new things, you may be surprised where you find yourself. Today is a new day, a new you, and is your new creation – what will you make of it?

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  1. I enjoyed reading this; I strongly embrace the value of creativity; I love to write, but I long to paint, sketch and bead. This article inspired me to try different avenues of self-expression.

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