THIS IS A MUST READ! Shaping The New You: A Love Letter From Your Treadmill!

An hour of basketball feels like 15 minutes. An hour on a treadmill feels like a weekend in traffic school. ~David Walters

I see the way you look at me. Your head turns the other way as you walk by me on the way to the laundry room, hoping that I won’t see the guilty look in your eyes as you pass me by. You never smile at me anymore. In fact, I hear you grunt when you pass me in the corner. And behind my back, you’re telling all of your friends how much you hate me. You don’t think I can hear you, but I can, and it hurts. You were on the phone last week, and I heard you say: “I know I need to get on the treadmill and start working out, but I just hate that thing. I just can’t get motivated to start walking.”

It wasn’t always like that. When I was in the showroom, I watched you walk by and then return with a sparkle in your eye. You told the sales clerk that I was the one who was going to change your life. You said I was the perfect one for you. You had so many dreams, so many plans, and your new and improved life was going to start with me. You ran your fingers over my digital buttons and told the sales clerk that I was so sleek and so easy to use. And then you told him you had the perfect place in your home for me. Oh, those were the days, weren’t they? You and I were a team. You needed me. You wanted me to be a part of your life. And now… well, now, I get a blank stare when you’re in the room with me. You look at me as though I’m your enemy. I’m not your enemy. I haven’t changed. You’re the one who’s decided you don’t want me to be a part of your life.

I’m sorry that I’m whining. Maybe I’m being too hard on you. I guess you do use me once in a while — but for hanging your wet laundry. Didn’t the sales clerk tell you that the dryers were in the appliance department? I’m a treadmill!

Listen, I’m not going to be bitter. I just want you to know that I miss you. I miss the way you look at me with adoration. I miss the way you tell everyone that you’re going to spend time with me every day. Instead, I see you with the refrigerator. I’m trying not to be jealous, but I swear you have that door open at least a couple dozen times a day. You’re always buying it sweets and treats. You always smile when you reach for ice cream in the freezer. I’ve overheard lots of loving sounds whenever you’re near it.

I realize that you might have given up on me, but I want you to know that I’m not going to give up on you. I’m loyal, and I will be there for you whenever you’re ready. I believe in you. I’m just asking a couple favors, though. Please don’t talk about me behind my back anymore or give me the evil eye when you walk by. I’m not evil, and I think you know that. You’re just not ready to let me into your life right now. I realize that it might take something deep inside you to bring us closer together, but while you’re soul searching could you just stop by once in a while? You don’t have stay long. Just let me know that you still care — about yourself.

I’ll be here waiting for you. I’m not going anywhere.

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