Thank You for Your Support

On behalf of all of us at HAVEN let me offer to you a big thank you! As we prepare to launch a New Year and start year 36 of serving the community, we would like to pause and thank you for your support. If you volunteered your time and shared your special skills and talents with us — thank you! If you made a financial contribution in support of our work — thank you! If you served as an ambassador for our mission, helping to spread the word about our services and programs — thank you! Each and every one of our supporters is cherished. You are the reason we can continue to provide quality services to so many of our fellow community members. The power of one leads to the power of many.

In 2010 we experienced many highs and lows. We witnessed individuals finding their power and their voice. We shared moments of frustration when a victim was blamed and not supported by others. We saw lots of smiling faces of little children who were able to relax and have peace in a new and safe environment. We were able to hold the hand of rape victim who was reeling from a trauma that is unimaginable to many. We struggled with some difficult decisions of where to place critical resources during tough times. We celebrated achieving funding that allows us to focus on primary prevention.

We are excited for a new year to begin, to see what possibilities await us. We know that with the continued support of the community we will be ready to conquer what lies ahead. We hope that you will stay involved and walk with us on the journey, a journey that will ultimately lead us to the elimination of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Best wishes, many thanks and Happy New Year!

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