I Resolve To Stop Eating Foods That Contain MSG

As we merge into 2011 most people will be making New Year’s resolutions that they are hoping will improve their lives if they stay focused and not break what they resolve to do. Some will simply not bother knowing that they never keep their resolutions anyhow so it’s just a waste of time to make them. But for those of us that will be making resolutions and trying to stick to them, what are yours? Share with us below in the comments section what your New Year’s resolutions are.

What is MSG? Well it’s the acronym for Monosodium Glutamate. Now it also comes disguised which makes it harder to spot such as Aspartame and malto and ethylmalto, but for the most part the label on the food product will just read Monosodium Glutamate. One very good piece of advice is to start reading your foods labels, after you read the labels the first time you shop you should remember most of the foods that have MSG in them. After you know what’s in the foods you mostly buy you can know what foods to stay away from and start looking for replacements for those tainted foods.

MSG might cause you to instantly think of Chinese foods, but actually Chinese food hardly has MSG in it anymore. The Asians have taken head to the growing evidence that MSG is severely dangerous to living beings and have all but completely stopped using it. If you are like most people when you go to eat Chinese food you see the signs and labels that tells you NO MSG and might wonder why it seems that this MSG is such a big issue. The answer is MSG is toxic to your brain and causes severe health issues up to and including death. The FDA says MSG is safe but has never tested it for its dangerous ingredients. Lab tests show that MSG may be the world’s deadliest food additive in history, yet American’s continue to consume it.

It’s in just about everything that you have in your cabinet right now. And if you eat out a lot at fast food places because you have ignored the repeated warnings of all the insanely terrible stuff that eating fast food does to you, and then you are probably eating MSG regularly. A small list of what MSG does to you is here:

Causes migraines, severe headaches, ADD-ADHS, brain damage, nausea, diarrhea (and you always said, “don’t know why Taco Bell always does that to me”), vomiting, slowed speech, heavy-weak feelings in the arms and legs (it’s not just because you ate a big meal and are now tired, food should be giving energy, not the opposite), Depression, mood changes, bipolar disorder, IBS, colitis, pain in joints or bones, chronic fatigue or sleepiness, sleep disorders (and you wonder why you cannot sleep that night after going to McDonalds for dinner), Asthma, obesity, hypoglycemia, weight problems (including the inability to lose weight). Here is the complete list.

The reason this food additive does this and why it tastes so good is because it is an excitotoxin. That means it excites cells to a point that they are damaged and destroyed and you automatically feel that the substance is good. In other words the MSG chemical acts on your brain and tricks it into believing that it tastes good! If that isn’t enough it is also addictive, which is one reason you may have a problem staying away from your awesome tasting McDonalds food as well as other fast food places that seems addictive. Have you ever stated, “I love Ramen so much!?” Well that is because it tastes so good with its loads of MSG. That’s right, Ramen, Cup of Noodles, some Campbell’s soups, most all other soups, even baby formula has MSG in it. Use store bought broth a lot instead of making your own? What about those Bouillon Cubes you used over Thanksgiving and Christmas? All loads of MSG.

Another reason you are so tired after eating Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, it’s not the amount of food consumed it’s the amount of MSG consumed. What can you do about this? Simple, what you need to do in order to make this New Year’s resolution yours and be successful is start reading all labels and stop buying and eating all foods that contain MSG. The best way to do that is to buy organic and all natural foods that are not processed foods and contain only simple ingredients. If your Campbell’s soup that you buy all the time to feed to your children contains MSG then go for the Select Harvest Campbell’s soup brand that has no MSG.

Instead of buying Bullion and broth in the store, make your own broth out of naturally raised chickens, beef, pork and organic vegetables. In 2011 vow to stop eating MSG laden products and make it known what you plan on doing and why you are doing it to your friends and family. Everyone deserves to eat healthy and live longer; MSG is also one of the causes of early onset Alzheimer’s and no one deserves that! So in 2011 resolve to omit MSG from you and your family’s diet 100 percent and find yourself a grocery store that sells all naturals, organic and local, minimally processed and naturally raised meats IF you choose to continue to eat meat and for goodness sake…GROW A GARDEN!

For more information:

More on the dangers of MSG and the truth in labeling MSG truth http://www.truthinlabeling.org/

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