Wake-Up Power Workout In 5 Easy Steps!

Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. ~

No time or desire to hit the gym? Give yourself 10 minutes this morning for a mini-power workout that will keep you energized for the day!

This quick morning workout will lift your spirits, get your heart pumping, tighten your butt and thighs, and ignite your fat burning furnace – burn, baby, burn, all day long!

Warmup for 3 minutes: Walk in place or up and down your staircase  (Hands off the rail – if possible)

1. Stand sideways (your right side) next to the bottom step of your staircase. Place your right foot on the bottom, second, or third step while your left foot remains on the floor. Rest your hands on your thighs. Look straight ahead and hold your belly in tight. Bend your knees deeply and reach your bum back. (This is the squat part) Try to get your thighs parallel to the floor. The lower you go, the more you feel! Push off the floor with your left foot and come to a standing position on the step. Push your arms overhead as you step up! Try floating your left foot a few inches from the step or raising your knee up as you balance on your right foot for 5 seconds. Repeat this squat 12 times. Now, do it on your left side.

2. Run up and down your stairs 8 times! Up and Down = 1 round  (Walk if you must, but make it quick!)

3. Repeat the Stair Squats! Variation: Instead of a knee lift, kick you leg (karate style)

4. Run the stairs again!

5. Repeat the squats again! Variation: Try a side leg raise

6. Walk the stairs for your last round!

*Perhaps a quick set of 12 pushups to round out your fabulous workout? Use the stairs or the floor!

Stretch and go on with your day!

Add 3-10 dumb bells to your routine. Leave the weights on, or in view, near your steps. It’s harder to ignore a workout when the dumb bells are IN-YOUR-FACE!

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