Snow Day Workout!

Home with the kids today? Climb the stairs. Not the walls.

Don’t let four walls keep you from getting your daily dose of exercise. Get your shoes on, turn up the tunes and head for the stairs! (bring the kids along). We have the perfect high energy 30 minute workout for you! The best part is; you can sweat your butt off in your pajamas!

First thing this morning, if possible. Motivation and energy is strongest for most women in the early hours of the day.

In Your Face! Want the greatest burn for your effort? Use dumbbells!


Begin with a quick set of PUSHUPS – on your toes, knees or against a wall. 10 slow then 10 quick! BONUS: Core Strengthener – Hold a plank (high pushup) for 30 seconds then lower to your forearms (stay on your toes) for 30 seconds! How about 2 more rounds? You go girl!

Now, The  Stair Workout:

1) Start at the bottom of your stairs. If you have a lower level, start there. More stairs = more effort = more energy used and calories burned!

2) Walk up and down the bottom step for one minute on each side. (Change your lead foot after the first minute)  Next, Alternate a step knee up and hamstring curl while pushing and pulling your arms for 3 minutes. Feel free to hold 3 pound weights. Now you are hot and ready to work!

3) Ladder Walks – Hold your weights at your side. Stand tall with your belly held in tight. You will walk the stairs (the entire staircase) 5 times leading with the right foot and 5 more times leading with the left foot. Your pace will become progressively faster and more energetic with each flight taken. Got it! Do it!

4) Step Knee Ups and Step Hamstring Curls ( Butt Kicks) perform 20 of each using the bottom step. For greater intensity skip a step. Try holding a dumb bell horizontally over your head. Pull down with each knee lift or ham curl.

5) Ladder Runs (ladies, this is tough!) Try holding your weights at your shoulders for added core work. You will start with a slow jog and build up to an “all out sprint.” Yes, 5 times right lead and 5 times left lead. Walk in place for one minute between sides. (active rest) or get down for 20 pushups!

6) Wide Step Ups with Hip Lift or Wide V Step. Do this 20 times right and 20 times left. Repeat!

7) Squat Curl and Press Squat deeply, power up strong (abs & butt tight) with a double biceps curl followed by an overhead press. Repeat this squat, curl and press 20 times.

8) Squat with Side Leg Raise Turn sideways to the stairs or step bench. Place your right foot on the step, bend your knees into a deep squat. (stick your butt back) Lift up tall as you abduct (side raise) your left leg and point your toes. (your supporting foot never leaves the step) Try holding dumb bells on your shoulders for a more rigorous set. Lower back down into a deep squat and repeat 20 times. Other side now! Whewwwwwww

Do it all again! Repeat 3-8 one, even two more times!  S.t.r.e.t.c.h….you did it….you are awesome!

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