Why Holistic Health For Me? (and) Accupressure for Colds

Many people wonder about the need for natural/holistic health for themselves, and the answer is simple…What would you rather do, go to doctors all the time and get medicines that possibly could be alleviated with natural herbal remedies that have no side effects, or know that there could be something healthier and easier to take for the same problem?

Of course traditional medicine has its place for many reasons, but learning about PREVENTION can alleviate many unnecessary symptoms and problems in your body through the use of the proper nutrition, supplements and herbals. Its incredible how many pharmaceutical drugs actually make the problems you have worse, things like antacid relief medicines, osteoporosis meds, high blood pressure and high cholesterol meds, and on and on. And how about the cost of those doctors and medicines?

Holistic and natural remedies are tried and true and very safe when under the advice of a professional. Side effects are rare, even if you are already taking medicines prescribed by your doctor, there are ways to help support those drugs to work better for you or even possibly be able to eliminate them altogether. Natural health healing also puts you in control of your own body because you learn the correct supporting supplements to take for your own issues.

Accupressure Can Help You Relieve Symptoms of Colds

Want to deal with allergy, cold and flu symptoms with a natural health solution? Try acupressure. Best known for relaxation and stress relief help, this ancient tradition also helps relieve allergies, stuffy noses, and sinus headaches. Here’s how:

* For sinus headaches, try pressing your thumb or index finger for 30 seconds in the area between your eyebrows. Repeat a few times a day. Why? This helps break up the pressure and tension in your sinus cavities.

* For watery eyes and scratchy throats, pinch the tips of each ear with your thumb and index finger for two minutes. These are known as “allergy points,” and if they are tender, massage them several times a day.

* For stuffy noses, press firmly on the outside of both nostrils with your index fingers. Then, move your fingers along the sides of the nose to the bridge in slow, circular movements. This helps loosen and flush out your nasal passages.

Linda Wolschlager, C.N.C., The Nutrition Advisor/www.naturalnutritionadvisor.com

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