Simon’s New Home

In a rural county just under a week ago a small stray dog was picked up by the police. The animal shelter in that county was closed (?) at the time this little fellow was found, cold and scared. Through the kindness of people anxiously wanting to help and word of mouth he ended up at Sasha Farm,, for what was thought to be a holding place until his owner could be located. Many volunteers at Sasha Farm have set their eyes upon him and fallen in love. He is a miniature pinscher, unneutered and in desperate need of a pedicure, though I did bathe him and play with him. Others cuddled him, fed him, walked him and someone even found a sweater for him, albeit a pink one! He’s a very sweet, playful and brave little boy. He had no identification on him.

The owner was finally found and notified of the mini pinscher’s whereabouts but he did not bother to even call let alone pick him up. That’s okay though because he will be coming home to our house in the next few days and I can hardly wait! He will join our family who’s already debating on what name he should have. He will get a check up with the vet, get neutered and have a much-needed pedicure, though it will take several times to get his nails to the length they should be. He will live with our family, which includes two dogs already, but the way I see it, who doesn’t have room for one more?

I have done some reading on miniature pinschers and I look forward to having him join our family. If any of you have one of these curious and gentle little souls and want to give me any advice I’d love to hear from you. Thank you, Animal Joy

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