Meet Our Holistic Nutrition Advisor – Plus Benefits Of Chamomile Tea, Splenda Dangers, Mullein For Coughing

One of the reasons I became a Certified Nutrition Counselor is that I have a passion for holistic/natural health. I had repeatedly seen doctors for problems with my immune system that traditional medicine just aggravated. I started to research constantly about natural/holistic health and took the steps to proper nutrition along with the right herbs and supplements to get me back to prime health with amazing results! After those years of health research, I became a Certified Nutrition Counselor so that I could help others.

Teaching people how to prevent illness or treat the symptoms you have, whether you are already on medicines or want to help get off of them is my goal. Natural supplements, corrected food changes and homeopathic herbals do the body better than pharmaceuticals!

My focus is on anti-aging/fatigue and vitality -especially for the over 40 crowd. Issues like joint aches and pains, digestion/elimination problems, hormone imbalance, fatigue and lack of vitality, dull skin, gallbladder problems, metabolic syndrome (first signs of diabetes), high cholesterol and higher blood pressure is what we all complain about eventually . I want to put you in charge of your own health, get back the vitality and quality of life you deserve to have, and prevent unneeded medical bills.

Things to Know about the Benefits of Drinking Chamomile Tea

After hearing so much about Green Tea, new research learning about Chamomile, according to researchers from London’s Imperial College, is the one that will help prevent sickness. In a recent study, they found people who drank five cups of the brew a day for 2 weeks had increased blood levels of plant-based compounds called polyphenols, some of which have been associated with increased antibacterial activity. Levels remained high for 2 weeks after subjects stopped drinking the tea, says lead researcher Elaine Holmes, Ph.D. (Another Bonus: chamomile tea also raises levels of glycine, which is a mild nerve relaxant and sedative.)

Splenda Dangers

Sucralose is an unnatural substance derived from sugar, but made by a property a chemist using three chlorine atoms. This synthetic process makes the new molecule a sweet tasting, but toxic substance that has never been proven to be safe at any dose or with chronic use, and yet the FDA approved it! There is nothing natural about Splenda and there are many neurological and hormone inhibiting factors from these chemicals. Chlorocarbon molecules, including sucralose, do not have calories; which is why they claim it to have “0″calories”. It affects human cellular metabolism because it is toxic to many enzyme systems and the body’s cells structure.

MULLEIN For Coughing/Bronchial Condition

If dry, bronchial coughs and chest congestion are bothering you this winter, consider taking mullein. The flowers and leaves of this small, hardy Mediterranean shrub are safe and effective in addressing many seasonal respiratory concerns. Products are available as tinctures, oils, powders, lozenges, capsules, extracts and even in whole leaf form – select reliable brands that are 100 percent pure mullein. For congestion and dry cough, try a dropperful of tincture in a little warm water every four hours. Mullein is safe for adults, but do not give mullein to young children for coughs. For adult ear problems, try a few drops of mullein oil, slightly warmed, directly in the ear. As with any supplement, pregnant women should discuss mullein with their doctor before use.

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