PLYMOUTH, MICHIGAN –For people who cannot eat gluten, the holiday spirit can lose some of its fizz when it comes to festive meals. Approximately one in 133 Americans have celiac disease, a painful and disabling condition that prevents them from digesting foods containing gluten and other related proteins found in wheat, barley and rye. That means favorite pies, cakes, breads and casseroles – in fact, so many of the things people like to indulge in this time of year – can be off-limits when prepared in the normal way.

This month, Hiller’s Health Tour, a free event on Tuesday, November 30 at 7 p.m. at Hiller’s Plymouth location (15455 N. Haggerty Road), will highlight some of the wonderful gluten-free options shoppers have. Dr. Thomas Alexander, a gastroenterologist at Beaumont Hospital, along with a Beaumont nutritionist, will be in attendance to help answer attendees’ questions.

“Some celiac patients have families who are very accommodating, but others have families who think the condition is weird or strange — and so those patients are on their own,” said Dr. Alexander, who is also the physician advisor to the Tri-County Celiac Support Group. “During the holidays, there are many more non-gluten-free products being served, but it’s just as important for people with celiac disease to stay 100% gluten-free.” He added: “The tour is a great idea because doctors’ offices can be rushed, and this is a great opportunity for people to get information in a nice, relaxed atmosphere.”

Jim Hiller, the CEO of Hiller’s Markets, is a champion for people needing gluten-free food. He has made it a top priority to search the globe for the highest quality gluten-free cuisine options available today. In fact, Hiller’s now carries the largest selection of gluten-free foods in Michigan, and its buyers are always on the lookout for new and improved products.

“It is my mission to make gluten-free living as easy and delicious as possible for people on this restricted diet,” said Hiller. “The holidays are all about food, and everyone should be able to enjoy wonderful meals with their families now and all year round. Our November Health Tour is one way we can help patients get great dietary advice from the experts to keep them well — and well-fed, too.”

Previous Hiller’s Health Tours have addressed dietary issues related to hypertension, cancer and allergies. Anyone interested in attending the gluten-free healh tour can reserve a spot by contacting Lynn Lederman, Hiller’s Director of Community Services, at 248.798.5442 or

Founded in 1941, Hiller’s Markets has established a stellar reputation and earned a loyal customer following based on extraordinary quality, exceptional selection, extreme value and exemplary customer service. Hiller’s proudly showcases Michigan products with special shelf tags and partners with charities and organizations through cash register campaigns, Scrip partnerships and many other collaborative community campaigns. Hiller’s Markets are located in Ann Arbor, Berkley, Commerce Township, Northville, Plymouth, Uni

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