Animal Joy Living Her Joy

Animal Joy  Age: 53
Profession: animal activist, wife, mom, step-mom, art history student

I’m a lucky girl to have two passions that I hope to “marry” into a boutique business someday.  One passion is an unyielding love for animals and their well-being and the other is art history, a visual, thought-provoking experience of life’s beliefs and struggles.

I was born with my passion for animals but through years of experiences and growth, I have been able to connect with an animal haven and become a weekly volunteer.  I’m inspired to protect and help animals – way too many are victims of tremendous wrongdoing.

I’m inspired by art history because I think if you sit still long enough and ponder what you have learned you can make all sorts of fascinating connections to your past and your beliefs.

As you age, you pile on information. Knowledge becomes so much more important — life is an ongoing learning process but as you age, you become a teacher, too.

I am not challenged about finding my passion and meaning in life; I am challenged to share it enough before I die.

Find your passion, go with it and you will be successful because if you love what you do, it can only get better! At mid-life, I feel smarter than ever and yet I am still learning every day.

© 2011 Copyright   Allison Stuart Kaplan LLC

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  1. lois rubin says:

    you are the best!i love what you wrote today and i love the passion that you have for life.

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