The Weight Is Over…Reel Recovery Film Festival

My name is Eric Edwards. I am an actor and a stand up comic living in L.A. When I was 30 years old and weighed 375 pounds at 5’5″. I was very unhappy and my health was being affected, but I was in a business that was making me a lot of money as the funny fat man. I was part of numerous national ad campaigns and had done many big budget movies (National Lampoon’s Senior Trip, Sgt. Bilko with Steve Martin, and Blade with Wesley Snipes). But all that doesn’t mean much when you’re not healthy or happy. So I decided to make a change. I took the first step. I began to eat right and exercise. Eventually I lost 210 pounds. As my weight dropped so did my career prospects. My agents and managers were horrified and constantly tried to convince me to gain the weight back. They said I’d never work again. For a while it seemed that they were right.

But amid all that I still kept with it. As my health improved I began to explore how and why I had gotten so big, and eventually I wrote a show about it. I called it “Just Step”. Then a strange thing happened. People began approaching me after my show, sometimes weeks after, to tell me how it had inspired them to make changes and not just with physical weight, because as I explain in the show, loosing weight is a metaphor for letting go of all that is holding you back. I never knew the story of my own struggle would impact people so profoundly, but it does. I would very much like to talk to you about the possibility of bringing this story to more people, since so many people have talked to me post-show about their personal catharsis.

By the way, since doing the show, I began to work again as an actor and a stand up. Once again proving the point: if you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything.

Eric Edwards, formerly a successful, 375-pound comic actor (Sgt. Bilko, Blade, Candyman and many more), has shed 210 pounds and not everyone in his life is pleased. “With an outstanding sense of comic rhythm and imagery, Edwards mutates into his whacked-out, chain-smoking agent, who doesn’t want to lose her meal ticket.”

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