“Giving Voice to Your Cause: Speaking Tips for Nonprofit Professionals”

Use Your Voice to Make a Difference in the World! This innovative approach will  help you express your vision with clarity, confidence and conviction – and naturally attract more supporters.

Excerpt from Page 1:

We communicate with words on this planet. Words may not take us to the ultimate beauty of what is possible, but we need to work with them if we ever want to make a difference. Communicating your ideas is more than the words you say. Your body has a language that either supports your words or signals clues of misalignment. The tone of your voice reveals your spirit. It gives your listeners messages from your current emotional state ñ whether itís frustration, anger, or joy in knowing that your vision is indeed possible. This book is about trusting your intuitive impulses, speaking from a higher vibration, and connecting others to your vision. It is specifically addressed to nonprofit professionals, but itís for anyone who wants to improve conditions in our world. And if you want to change the world, the place to start is by speaking with a new voice.

What others are saying…

Pamela’s book will help you to say what really matters in a way that gets results. To make a major impact, use your unique expression and change the way you influence others. Patricia Fripp, author of “Speaker’s Edge” Past president, National Speaker’s Association

“Giving Voice to Your Cause” provides inspiration from successful nonprofits organizations and tips for speaking authentically to build trust and gain support. Pamela Ziemann says “speak from your true voice” and I couldn’t agree more.
Nick Morgan, author of “Trust Me: Four Steps to Authenticity and Charisma.”

Pamela’s book represents on interesting approach to all aspects of speaking for your non-profit, from introducing your cause to asking for money.
Clare Segal, co-author of “Breakthrough Thinking for Nonprofit Organizations” and “The Influential Fundraiser.”

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