News About Estrogen And Endodim?

What is Endodim? And why should I care? Let me go back a few months to tell you where this came from. I started on a very low estrogen dose for postmenopausal discomforts. Taking it every other day at first and then going to two times a week. When my sister-in-law from LA came in to town and I told her she said, “Oh, then you have to take this product called Endodim. It will counteract the bad estrogen with good estrogen!” Huh??? Then she left town and I let it go.

Three weeks later I got a package in the mail–Endodim, from my sister-in-law. So before I just popped a capsule into my mouth I thought I would try to figure out just what this product is. First I went onto her doctor’s website, impressive. Next I broke down and looked up the ingredients in this Endodim. Aside from Vitamin E, which is used to help fight heart disease and cancer there is Indole-3-Carbinol and DIM, Diindolylmethane.

Now, from what I could find on the web it seems Indole-3-carbinol is found naturally in cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and kale. “It can shift estrogen metabolism towards less estrogenic metabolites…is the subject of on-going Biomedical research into its possible anticarcinogenic, antioxidant, and anti-atherogenic effects.”,

“Phytonutrition encompasses the dietary use of micronutrients found in plants. Adequate intake of specific phytochemicals can increase adaptive responses regulating hormone metabolism and cell behavior.” Again they talk about the cruciferous vegetables and go on to say that the…”supplemental use of diindolylmethane (DIM) provides the basis for nutritional support to enhance the beneficial action and safety of estrogen. An optimal ‘estrogen balance’ has implications for cancer prevention and successful aging in both women and men.”

I am giving this information to my doctor (OBGYN) and after he takes a look into it I will probably start taking this product. I will let you know in another column. In the meantime, “Thank you sister-in-law for thinking of me!”

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  1. Thanks for this information…I would like to know more about it and will research it as well for myself and my clients. Linda Wolschager

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