New York Fashion Week- What Works For You!

If you are a lover of all things fashion, then fall brings an extra dose of anticipation to your life. New York Fashion Week is the pinnacle of featuring what’s next in American fashion. Along with debuting the spring/summer lines, it’s also a great excuse to party. Kicking off the week was Fashion’s Night Out. More than a shopping celebration, I believe Vogue Italia described Fashions Night Out best by calling it a “carnival on stilettos.” New York’s FNO was packed full of entertainment–double-decker dance parties, games, dumpling trucks and all kinds of shenanigans in between. The Meatpacking District’s shops took on a bar-like/bar hopping feel, providing tons of booze for event goers to mooch off of…I’m curious to know the sales numbers of the night.

I think the concept of throwing a giant party across the globe to drum up purchases is a brilliant idea. While I haven’t met a person yet that hates to buy online, it’s important to remember that brick and mortar shops are such a huge part of the cities in which you call home. The “cool” neighborhood you live in or travel to wouldn’t have the same charm if it were not for the retailers that set up shop there. So make sure to pop in and buy from a boutique near you…because the world doesn’t need another Chipotle on the corner.

Now that the fashion weeks have wrapped up, let’s talk about what to buy and how to put it all together and make it work for you. A friendly reminder, runway shows are…shows. So don’t be intimidated if the hair and makeup is a little too much for you and don’t feel as though you need to wear six pieces of clothing at once. The idea is to show the line, but also to entertain and evoke a feeling.

Here’s the stylist way to approach your wardrobe each season:

Find out what’s ‘in.’ Stop in your local boutiques or the best mall by your house. Browse online retailers, blogs and magazines. Determine what you like–the colors you’re into, the accessories you can actually see yourself wearing and the silhouettes that will work for your body and comfort level.

Take inventory of what you own. Everyone has gravitated to something that they already have on one shopping trip or another. If you know what’s in your closet, you’re more likely to avoid buying a similar pair of black boots, for example.

Think about how you will incorporate your new purchases. Do you already own a leather skirt that would look fantastic with a new chunky knit sweater? Can any of your pants be hemmed to easily fit with the current in-style cropped length?

Decide on which items you’ll spend more money. A simple way to make the decision of splurging vs. saving, is to think about the longevity of an item. A wool coat is worth paying extra for, especially if it is in a neutral color like camel, navy or black. Leather, furs…anything that is ‘real’ and in a simple color palette is splurge worthy–simply because the quality material will last and although the lengths of clothes change with the trends, you will always have your core ‘good’ pieces to reach for. So what if you love your knee high boots one winter and feel the need for a change the next. By owning the ‘real deal’ instead of a synthetic or man-made version, you’ll be better able to rotate in those boots from previous seasons and still look good.

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