Foundations In Action

Michelle Ploog and I just returned from Park City Utah Foundations in Action with Baron Baptiste. On the last day he asked us to journal on what the training was about. I want to share with you what I shared with the whole group.

For me the training was about reconnecting with the Baptiste Community not only in Utah, but globally; and in reconnecting with the community I reconnected with myself. Without the Baptiste community and Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, my life as I know it as well as Bala Vinyasa Yoga would not exist. Thousands of lives have been changed as they walk through our doors and experience the power of the Baptiste community. The training was about unifying our community in our own backyards, yet recognizing that the whole world is our backyard. Baptiste Power Yoga Institute’s vision is to transform the globe one person at a time. The accomplishments of the affiliate studios, teachers and students in the community are living proof that this is a reality and is actually happening. One person can change the world.

Some of you had the opportunity to meet Paige Elenson at BV Yoga in September. She is a senior Baptiste teacher and the Founder of the African Yoga Project (AYP) and is such an extraordinary example of this vision. She began a few years ago in Kenya with the passion to share yoga. Baron and Paige have now trained 48 teachers in Kenya, have supplied them with jobs, and now they teach 200 classes a week to thousands of students in East Africa. AYP has built homes and schools that are directly empowering and impacting the thousands of lives in Africa. The Foundations training was about embracing the days of small beginnings and going for what you may think is impossible, because the truth is that you do not know what is possible unless you say “YES” to your life and dreams. Living in ultimate acceptance is necessary to impact and empower other people to live the miracles that are all around us and in every one of us.

Yoga is the act of connecting with each other to build strong communities that uplift and support the growth of the whole. I know I must take accountability and start sharing in my community; and together we make a difference outside our community that ultimately will impact the world.

I am so grateful for each and every one of you who make up our inspiring and empowering Baptiste Community. I am in awe of what we are all up to, making our dreams, and those of others, a reality.

With so much gratitude and light to you!

Kiersten Mooney

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