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Bread Nut Bakery Is Opened!

After much awaiting and anticipation, Bread Nut Bakery opened  Monday, September 13! I’m very much looking forward to receiving your orders and providing you with delicious bread. As Bread Nut Bakery is constantly changing and evolving, there have been a few changes since the last blog posts regarding Bread Nut Bakery’s products and services. It is my hope that Bread Nut Bakery will be able to provide its customers with the best products possible and deliver them to you efficiently. So, the “who, what, when, where, and why” is to follow:


Bread Nut Bakery is owned and operated by Emily Weingarten, although BNB wouldn’t be a reality without the help of so many, particularly all of the family members, friends, and blog readers who have supported this venture.

Bread Nut Bakery offers freshly baked artisan breads, sandwich breads, challahs and desserts available for pick up in Greensboro, NC or shipped directly to your door! Here’s a full menu of products (also available at or on the online order form.

Artisan Breads

Artisan loaves are 24 oz./1.5 lbs.

Artisan loaves are vegan.

Sourdough boule – $5

Country boule – $5

Italian baguette – $5 (not available for shipment)

Sourdough rye – $6

Seeded rye – $6

Challah Breads

Challah breads are 24 oz./1.5 lbs.

Challah breads are dairy-free but contain eggs.

Traditional braided loaf – $6

Traditional round loaf – $6

Cinnamon sugar round loaf -$6

Sesame seed braided loaf – $6

Sandwich Breads

Sandwich breads are 24 oz./1.5 lbs.

Sandwich breads are dairy- and egg-free but contain honey.

Whole wheat loaf – $5

Spelt loaf -$6

Sweet Desserts

Desserts are vegan unless otherwise indicated.

Stone-baked chocolate chip cookies – $5/half dozen or $8/dozen (contains dairy)

Stone-baked peanut butter oatmeal cookies – $5/half dozen or $8/dozen

Banana bread – $6/loaf

Chocolate chip banana bread – $6/loaf (contains dairy)

What something that’s not on the menu? Send an email to and we’ll be happy to discuss special requests!


Bread Nut Bakery operates Monday through Friday on an order-by-order basis. Orders are available for pick up in Greensboro, NC or for shipment directly to your door!

To place an order:

Go to and click on the “Order” tab and follow the link to the order form. Or, you can follow this link to the online order form. In the order form, you’ll be asked when you’d like to pick up your order or if you’d like your order shipped on a particular day.  After you order, you’ll receive an email invoice within one business day. Pay the invoice using a credit card, pick up your breads (or wait for them to arrive), and enjoy!

If you would like to pick up your order in Greensboro, NC:

Orders placed on Monday can be picked up by Wednesday

Orders placed on Tuesday can be picked up by Thursday

Orders placed on Wednesday can be picked up by Friday

Orders placed on Thursday and Friday can be picked up or shipped by the following Wednesday

If you would like your order shipped to you:

Orders placed by Friday will be shipped by Tuesday of the following week. *Please note there is a 3-item minimum for shipped orders. Thank you for your understanding.* Or, you can place your order in advance and tell us when you want to pick it up or have it shipped to you!


Bread Nut Bakery bakes at Temple Emanuel in Greensboro, NC.

Here are some ways to connect with Bread Nut Bakery:


Phone: 248.408.7430

Facebook: Bread Nut Bakery’s page

Twitter: Bread Nut Bakery’s Page

Blog: – I’ll still be blogging about Bread Nut Bakery news as well as posting all the usual recipes and adventures.

Please follow BNB on Facebook and Twitter for the most up to date information!


Bread Nut Bakery is so excited about serving the Greensboro community and shipping its products around the country. Please keep following us on the blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Looking forward to sharing these delicious products with you!

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