Husbands…who would’ve thought that I would, albeit somewhat paranoid and begrudgingly, go away for a long weekend with my intense, unpredictable, high powered, always traveling, extremely accomplished, president of his law firm, constantly distracted, overtired and exhausted husband…and have a fantastic time? Not me, for one. Well, let me tell you, if your marriage needs a tune-up, do it. Really, especially if you don’t want to because the reminders of why you fell in love and decided to get married in the first place will all come rushing back to you. And you will be so happy you did this.

From the first night we had happy hour with a gorgeous view of the sunset to the dice and card games we played, to champagne and romantic music, giggling, shopping, swimming, reminiscing and taking long walks holding hands it was perfect. It was as if we were two different people from the ones we had left behind. And we were! This man became my friend and my lover; no longer distracted, busy and intense, he became transformed to funny, happy and accommodating.

It’s wonderful that the more he did for me the more I wanted to do for him which even included going to a chicken wing sports bar and having a veggie burger! I felt as if I just wanted to do and do for him, grateful for all he was to me as I was reminded of the truly simple things that make him happy. I thanked him, something I know I don’t do enough of, for everything he has provided for our kids, our extended family and myself. I thanked him out of complete gratitude, not because I felt I just should and maybe I was overdue. I thanked him because my heart was so big and happy that I had to let it all out and share it with him! He listened and wasn’t distracted either! Do yourself and your husband a favor, go away. You won’t regret it!

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