The Quest For A Perfect Pair Of Jeans!

Celebrate and love your shape!

This month Levi’s introduces their new denim line, Curve ID and it is going to make a lot of women happy!

The quest of finding a pair of jeans that you love is difficult. For many, once that favorite pair is found, you wear them to death, until the rips can no longer pass as intentional or your boyfriend begs to see you in something else. And god forbid that style is no longer available when you go to replace it!

Jeans are an American staple. With corporate dress codes adjusting to an increasingly casual world, your denim is now acceptable to wear for more occasions than ever. What do women look for when buying jeans? There is a myriad of factors, a list that would make most mens’ heads hurt. To start, there is the length to consider. Will you be wearing these with flats, heels or tucked into your boots? What type of wash are you in search of–light, dark or basic blue? When would you like to wear these–to a football game, a night out or a business casual work event? After the what, when, where and how checklist has scanned through your mind, make sure that you are not settling on a pair just because you like the feel, the color or the price. Do not disregard the less than ideal features of what you are about to buy or wear; remember, if you do not feel confident in them, it does not matter that you got them for a discount or if they are a designer brand.

One common reason many women settle is when the jeans are a little too loose, but you think to yourself, “It’s cotton, it will shrink.” Another is when the pair is a teeny bit tight, but the sales associate tells you they will loosen after a few wears and then, fit perfectly. Why would you buy something if it will not look good on your immediately? I liken this to getting waxed. You know it is going to have to get worse before it can get better. Unless something is made specifically for you, there is rarely going to be a ‘perfect pair.’ The beautiful thing about this new line for Levi is that, unlike your eyebrows, you do not have to go weeks before looking your best. What I like about this selection is that:

It is easy to understand. Trying on jeans can be a draining and self-conscious task. Here, it is clearly labeled. “Does the waist tend to gap in the back?” “Does the waist fit but doesn’t flatter?” “Jeans too tight in the waist?” The categories of these are basically answers to the complaints women have with their jeans. So instead of wondering what a boyfriend fit will look like on you, you simply choose which dilemma you want to solve.

It celebrates your shape. That may sound terribly corny but I have seen far too many women think that getting to a specific weight will cure all their dressing problems. While your shape can change with weight loss or gain, more times than not, you stay the same shape. With these pairs from Levi’s, you could be a size 24 and a Bold Curve fit. Illustrating that size does not matter is a refreshing stance. You are born with a shape now you can choose to embrace it!

The odds are with you that you will find a pair to call your own. The three body types that are represented in Curve ID account for 80% of women’s shapes universally.– I like it when a brand puts a little…or a lot, of effort into making their buyers look good!

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