“Dancing Shrimp” This is Despicable!

Now, I’ve heard it all! Did you know that in this country, yes, the United States, people are eating LIVE shrimp? Something that is huge in Thailand and Japan just doesn’t seem right to many of us here in the U.S. People squeeze lemon juice onto the shrimps’ exposed flesh, which makes them writhe in pain all the way from your plate to your palate. Nishiki Sushi in Sacramento, California has been serving “dancing shrimp” to their customers. Many people have contacted PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) www.peta.org, which stepped in and strongly discouraged this cruel behavior.

A study at Queen’s University, Belfast, Ireland in 2007 showed shrimp felt pain when acid was dabbed onto antennae. And they sensed numbness when given painkillers.

PETA’s call to restaurant manager Tony Malpartida thankfully put an end to serving shrimp in this manner. He said, “People would normally get excited about them. It’s kind of taken the wind out.” Go figure. Call me boring, but I’d rather my food didn’t move!

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