What Does It Mean To Be STOOD UP?

Have you ever been stood up, left hanging, left waiting and wondering? No call, no apology, no explanation or accountability – nothing at all. What kind of person stands on top of another, and why? How does this seemingly selfish and self-centered behavior make you feel? How do you reconcile your feelings of intense disappointment when a friend, lover or life, simply leaves you behind; feeling used, abandoned, rejected, unimportant and sad? Everyone has felt this pain and held it in their lap.

My question to you is……..What do you do with this uninvited guest?  How long do you hold on to it? Do you give it away? Do you allow yourself to be powerless or do you become empowered? Where do you go from here?

Please send us your comments……

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  1. Thank you very much… You have a great site.

  2. Healing our heart chakra is, for most of us, part of our soul work this lifetime. This work may show up later in life as we get triggered by things from our past that were not healed or resolved from our childhood. My uninvited guest, pain, showed up when my denial was breaking. After years of denying my feelings and trying to people please I hit my bottom and began to do the work of looking at my part in all my painful relationships. As much as I would have liked to blame my pain on someone else or the situation, ultimately I had to show up, grow up and heal me.

    When we are filled up inside with self love, positive self esteem we are less and less effected by those around us doing their soul work. We all have our stuff to work out but we don’t have to take on other’s karmas. We have enough of our own to resolve!

    The reason we get triggered by “separateness” ie: abandonment, disappointment, empowerment, rejection, sadness is that our ego is in control instead of our soul. Our first relationship is with our Higher Power, God or Universe (whichever name works for you). All other relationships are just icing on the cake. They don’t “complete us.” We already are complete. We are children of God. Our pure essence is LOVE.

    I found the peace, love, joy and happiness I was looking for in others was already inside of me just waiting to be rediscovered. If I keep the focus on me, start my day with spiritual connection ie: prayer, meditation or yoga I am more likely to stay in my higher self and be less triggered by others dramas. I know when I get pulled into other’s stuff there is something in me I’m trying to avoid healing or looking at. I Love that awareness now and am happy to step up for more growth work! Bring on the freedom baby!

  3. Well I have an affair who made me WAIT all afternoon for him and only to say around 5 pm after emailing me before lunch that sorry he thought today would work and had a long meeting and had to take a family member somewhere He asked if the next day would work. I said you have to be kidding me I wait all afternoon for a no show and I am not sitting around waiting again if you cant give me a time. And I am copying and pasting the above on what stood up means. That is an awful feeling and he is too stupid to realize what he just did…………………………….he just lost me…………………….

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