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I have three small kids and a full work schedule — how can I easily fit exercise into my daily routine? As a single mom, I find it easy to go to yoga or swim or even just take a power-walk or jog when the kids are with their dad. But they live with me 80% of the time and I struggle with finding a way to work-out when they are home because I can’t even leave them alone to walk around the block. Any ideas?

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Hey mom! Reconsider your staircase! Keep a set of 5-8 pound dumbbells next to your stairs. Before you walk up the stairs pick up your dumbbells. Stand tall, abs engaged and weights by your side. Perform 12-16 bicep curls, than walk up the stairs, 12-16 more bicep curls at the top. Repeat this simple weight bearing exercise on your way back down. Perform a different arm/shoulder exercise with your weights each day. Try posterior raises, tricep kick-backs, upright rows, overhead shoulder presses and side raises. By the end of the week you will have accomplished important  bone building and postural strengthening exercises. Performed regularly, your body will become a strong and efficient fat burning powerhouse. And you’ll feel great!  These mini-weight training workouts will take no longer than 5-10 minutes a day! Here is a daily mini-plan:

Monday….. 12-16  bicep curls   Bonus: 8-12 pushups on your toes or knees using the bottom step

Tuesday…. 12-16 triceps kickbacks  Bonus: 8-12 Tricep dips using your bottom step or a chair

Wednesday……… 12-16  overhead shoulder presses with squats  Bonus: 3 rounds- crawl on your hands and knees (belly facing the floor) or Crab Crawl (on your feet) around your house with your kids for 5 minutes!  Add 5 pushups after every 20 crawls. Your kids will love this one too!

Thursday………. 12-16  lateral/side raises with a plie  Bonus: 3 rounds Reverse Crab Crawl (belly/chest facing up) add 20 bicycle-style crunches every 20 crawls. The kids will like this one too!

Friday…………12-16  upright rows or reverse rows  Bonus: Wall Push-Aways!  Stand arms distance from the wall with your feet together and belly tight! Fall into the wall and push away! 20 reps

Saturday………..12-16  squats and jumps! Squat low then jump high or relive (lift up onto your toes) Bonus: Clap your hands in front of your chest as fast as you can for 1 minute. Reverse clap: Clap behind your back  for 1 minute

If you can find a 30 minute time block one or two times a week, do the entire workout, Monday -Thursday.  Add a few sets of crunches for additional core strengthening, 5 minutes of meditation or relaxing yoga postures. You’ll feel like “mighty mom!”

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