Uninvited House Guests

Bats, birds, mice, moles and voles, oh my! No kidding. I thought I had one, maybe two creatures encroaching into my private domain, turns out I have five! I guess one good thing leads to another! After seeing little dark droppings on the corner of my front porch for the last year or so and lumpy, bumpy dug up parts of the lawn recently that I swear were not there before, I decided it was time to investigate.

First, I got a hold of an “animal friendly” critter catching company in Ortonville and set up an appointment. The doorbell rang and when I answered the door I pointed downward, showing Chad (my new critter catching friend) the droppings on the front porch. “Mice?” I said. “No. Bats.” He said. “Wait a minute. What?” I said to this kind young man. “You have bats. They cling to your brick at night after they’ve eaten,” “Ick,” was all I could say. “Can I get into your attack?” he said. I was thinking, “Wait a minute, why go into the attic? Here’s the evidence, right here on the porch.”

Long story, short…creatures love the attic and they go in and out all the time as if we all have revolving doors on our eaves of our homes! Apparently, I AM THEIR GO-TO IN AND OUT CHOICE. Not good, they have babies, those babies have babies and those babies have more babies.

Chad’s foray into the attic found the coveted bat proof…plus birds and mice! The bats and birds will venture out one day and not be able to enter back in thanks to one-way doors that will be installed on all the eaves of our home where there are gaps. The mice however have to be poisoned, unfortunately. Of course, I asked him many questions about this and I guess if I don’t do something I will have 1000 babies in about a year or two. I am having screening installed on all the attic vents so new mice can’t ever enter–heaven knows I don’t want to go through this again.

Now to the outside where an area of my lawn looks like it was the playing field for a soccer match! Turns out I have moles. They are little and furry, have paddle-type paws and are almost completely blind. They create tunnels and larders where they store earthworms for food. Ick! The dirt from the tunnels they create end up on top of the lawn looking like I have little volcanoes (mole hills). They will be trapped before they destroy my entire backyard! How to make sure I don’t have them again? I’m going to apply a 100% natural mole repellent made with castor oil and garlic oil. They hate garlic!

Lastly, I have voles that are removing ground cover around our boulders and digging up the dirt under and around those boulders as if they are using a garden trowel. Voles also make holes that look like snake holes in dirt, grass and around the bottoms of plants and shrubs. They will eat and dig at the ground cover and the base of plants and shrubs and trees so that parts of the roots are exposed. Our voles will be trapped and removed and to make sure they don’t come back we will keep our lawn shorter, (they could be helping the moles!) and apply an organic vole repellent to the ground covers.

Can’t believe I’m saying this but…BRING ON THE WINTER! I’ve had enough!

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