Fall Movie Preview

Now that it’s cooler out, lazy souls can officially spend time indoors vegging out, without feeling guilty about it – and what better way to veg than with a movie? Get your veg on by checking out a few of these new movies being released in September.

The Concert

Featuring Inglorious Bastards’ Melanie Laurent as a young violinist, The Concert is a quietly entertaining farce about a former conductor of the Bolshoi Orchestra’s struggle to regain prominence in the classical world 30 years after refusing to fire his Jewish musicians. The film is both political and funny, and backed by beautiful soundtrack of classical music. In theaters now.

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

Woody Allen’s latest film, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, set in London, centers around two married couples – one divorced, one together, but both related – and their ups and downs in their relationships. People are leaving, cheating, lusting for and loving one another in this zany, light-hearted comedy. The film also features a star-studded cast including Naomi Watts, Josh Brolin, Anthony Hopkins and Freida Pinto to name a few. Sept. 22.

Winter’s Bone

Winner of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival Jury Prize, Winter’s Bone wows with the aid of 17-year-old newcomer Jennifer Lawrence as Ree who digs up family dirt to find out what happened to her father when he disappeared in the Ozarks, and who will take care of her family (an unstable mom and two siblings) while he’s gone. In theaters now.

I’m Still Here

Remember when Joaquin Phoenix seemed to go nuts — growing a bearding, speaking in monosyllables on Letterman and trading acting for rapping? Well, turns how that was for a reason – a documentary directed by Casey Affleck. Watch the devolution of a major movie star, or — if the rumor is true – the Hollywood hoax of the year. Sept. 10.

The Town

Staying in the vein of other blue-collar Boston crime thrillers (The Departed, Gone Baby Gone), The Town stars Jeremy Renner and Ben Affleck as career bank robbers. While planning their next heist, Affleck (also the director) struggles to balance his relationships with his partner, an FBI agent, and his girlfriend also happens to be an unknowing witness to one of his crimes. Plus, Jon Hamm is in it. Sept 17.

Movies to Rent

Can’t make it to the theaters? Stay home with one of these newly released DVDs.

The Ghost Writer

Roman Polanski’s latest film stars Ewan McGregor as a ghostwriter publishing the memoirs of a British Prime Minister, played by Pierce Brosnan. As he digs deeper into his research, McGregor uncovers secrets that could affect the nature of international relations forever, throwing him into a sea of political and sexual intrigue. Out now.

City Island

In this off-beat comedy City Island, the Rizzos — a family made up of a prison guard dad with an illegitimate son, a stripper daughter, son with a porn fetish and a suspicious mom – are a family that lives in half truths that all come to a head on poker night. Out now.

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  1. I really though Joaquin had fallen off the deep end this time, but turns out he was pulling our legs.

  2. Good morning, excellent post thanks for posting !

  3. I went to see the town nowadays loved the pic. I maintain hearing the Departed meets Heat? I presume The Town is nearer to a male version of Set it off with Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett.I am heading to determine this photo at one time more. And for many that haven’t seen established it off rent it.Each and every on one occasion in awhile a snapshot comes alongside that as a rule the Box Workplace by surprise. The City is such a snapshot this yr. It took ideal field office returns this week for a reason….It’s A Definitely Beneficial Film! I am not a Ben Affleck lover but I have to hand to him, he delivered the remarkable accurate. Acting effectively as directing this movie, Affleck is very convincing as economic institution robber Doug MacRae. This storytelling at it’s greatest together with the casting was perfect for this tale set inside of the suburbs of Boston. The photograph strikes an amazing stability between character advancement and flat out activity scenes. Components in the movie acquired designed in Fenway Park, home with the Red Sox which becoming an avid baseball admirer, produced the film much more enjoyable to me.The ending towards movie is ordinarily doubtful since it retains the audience riveted to the storyline. Fans of big shoot outs, experience the video Heat, will get their monies worth suitable. General a surprisingly marvelous pic exactly where the viewer can give some thought to a 2 hour thrill experience and appear away totally satisfied. A should see for the significant photograph goer.”The Town” is brilliant! This really is how the story goes: Doug MacRay is definitely an unrepentant criminal, the de facto leader of a group of ruthless economic institution robbers who pride on their own in stealing what they want and acquiring out clean. Without real attachments, Doug by no means has to dread losing anybody near to him. But that all modified around the gang’s latest work, the moment briefly took a hostage–bank supervisor, Claire Keesey. Though they let her go unharmed, Claire is nervously conscious that the robbers know her title and precisely she lives. But she lets her guard along when she meets an unassuming and fairly charming man named Doug not recognizing that he will be exact man who only days previously acquired terrorized her. The around the spot attraction between them steadily turns into a passionate romance that threatens to start thinking about them each lower a dangerous, and possibly deadly, route.The cast led by Ben Affleck (who also directed and co-wrote the screenplay) (in an beneficial general as Doug MacRay), Rebecca Hall (as Claire Keesey), Jon Hamm (as Frawley), Jeremy Renner (as Jem), Blake Lively (as Krista), Pete Postlethwaite (as Fergie) & Chris Cooper (as Stephen MacRay) is fabulous! The directing by Affleck (who also directed & co-wrote the screenplay to “Gone Baby Gone” (2007) is first-class! The screenplay (based on Chuck Hogan’s novel “Prince Of Thieves”) by Affleck, Aaron Stockard (who also co-wrote the screenplay to “Gone Baby Gone”, also an associate producer) & Peter Craig is excellent!

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