Making A Difference At Any Age; An AmericanTowns Hero – Lucile Blackburn Delivers Love

Every day, Meals On Wheels delivers more than one million meals to seniors in America, but it isn’t always the meals that make the difference. As Lucile Blackburn will tell you, many of the elderly people who receive the meals are as hungry for the company and conversation as for the meal itself.

At 97 years old, Lucile Blackburn captured the 2009 American Volunteer award from the Meals on Wheels Association of America (MOWAA) for being a dedicated Meals for the Elderly volunteer in San Angelo, Texas for more than 11 years. As her children will tell you, Lucile has always been considerate of her duty to family and her fellow man. Like many of the AmericanTowns Heroes, Lucile is a member of the community who “hopes to make a difference in someone’s life” with her acts of kindness and volunteerism.

Now 98 and no longer delivering meals, Lucile is still visiting elderly people confined to their homes through a program at First Baptist Church. She continues to walk one mile every day, drive and live in her own home. She strives to enjoy life and is grateful to have good health and to be able to continue to help others. Lucile’s life of service inspired her children and grandchildren to also look for careers serving the greater good. Her daughter Jane is organizing a mentoring program for women in a homeless transitional living center, her son is a minister, and one granddaughter chose to be a social worker. Another granddaughter and her husband are serving in the Middle East.

“Lucille has certainly been an inspiration to our staff. She makes the most of every moment and is a great example that you’re never too old to make a difference in the lives of others,” Charlyn Ocker, president and CEO of Meals For The Elderly, said.

MOWAA has laid down a challenge to end senior hunger in America by the year 2020. It is a vision that can be met with more people like Lucile Blackburn who heed the call to volunteer or donate. Take a look at what conditions are in your state and then take the pledge to help end senior hunger in America.

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