Fall Fashion Line-Up!

Do you sometimes feel as though August gets short changed as a summer month? It’s still extremely warm outside, yet every year (around mid-July) the winter line up is ushered in and the fall fashion issues are waiting in the mailbox. While many would state that her favorite [season] is summer and that she dreads its end, there is a whole lot of excitement that accompanies a new season, particularly fall. It is known that the September issue of every major fashion publication is always the biggest. It’s packed full of ‘must haves’ that you can look forward to wearing over the next six months or so.  With runway shows viewable online and all sorts of apps, consumers are now able to see ‘the goods’ before they hit stores. In some ways this technology is helpful, you can forecast what you might like to be wearing and thus make better buying decisions. On the other hand, some of the fashion mystery is lost. Getting the September issue used to be ‘my time.’ As soon as I received my copy, I’d snuggle up and tear through the pages. I guess you could say, that would be my ‘favorite book’ (as I don’t read a whole lot of novels).

Already knowing what was to come, I still enjoyed all 500 + pages of this season’s glossies. The temperatures will start to drop, but before they do, you can stay informed with a preview of the fall fashion line up:


Many designers are showing a ‘back to basics’ collection; if you would like to add an element of ‘pop,’ do so with the material. What you will see: fur, feather, shearling, knits, leather, suede and velvet. This isn’t reserved for apparel solely, by the way. [Literally] all of these components are available in shoes and handbags. (I’m calling it now…the C’e'line rabbit fur ankle boots will not sell out!)


Speaking of ankle boots, lace up versions are this season’s shoe of choice. If that’s too awkward or you predict yourself to be in pain, then try a flat shoe. Loafer styles will dominate stores as will pointy toe options. If you like some personality in your heels, you’re in luck! The backs of pumps are feather adorned and metallic embellished.


Camel, black, army green, leopard, gold, red, wine and white for the winter months. If you are drawn to any type of animal pattern or accessory, go for it! A crocodile clutch, a fox (or faux) fur bag or a leopard belt are all great ways to spice up a neutral color outfit.


Trousers: Wide leg, fit & flare, straight leg cropped versions, tweed and black pants in just about any and every style.

Skirts: Floor length, past the knee and mini, knit, leather and lace. Is this starting to sound all inclusive and not specific enough? If so, that’s a good thing. As I said earlier, this season is very much about getting your basics in place-going back to your core wardrobe and having strong separates (trousers, skirts, tops and jackets). Weed out the dresses and leggings; this season is more of a polished look.

I generally don’t encourage anyone to go into fashion shock and copy a trend from head to toe. A better way to ease this season’s new pieces into your wardrobe is in moderation. Timid about animal prints? Try a leopard flat shoe. A small flash of it will show you are in the know, without screaming it. Think a fur jacket is too over the top? There are a lot of coats with fur collars-a little goes a long way.

As always, if all of this sounds dreadful to you, then stick with what feels best. Being up to date is what this is all about. If you despise shearling and look ill in army green, then incorporate only the trends that you are drawn to, not merely any and everything just because it’s ‘in.’

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