Don’t Be A Slave To Fashion.

“I think that people are too interested in what other people are wearing. The sense of competition is totally demoralizing. You’ve got to think of yourself and not how everyone else is dressed.” – Diana Vreeland, former editor of Harper’s Bazaar/Vogue

Now that you’ve read the previous article on discovering your body’s characteristics. Let’s start figuring out your style. Don’t be a slave to fashion. Not only will you look confused, but it’s impossible for every trend to look good on everyone … all the time. So the odds of looking ideal are against you. Remember, we’re talking about embracing you, playing up your favorite parts, camouflaging your not-so-favorite ones and putting yourself together in an effortless way (or at least looking like it didn’t take a lot of effort :)).

How do you want to be perceived? What message do you want to send? Think about where you are in your life and what you want. I don’t mean to take clothes too seriously, but what you wear has such an impact on how YOU feel about yourself and how others see about you.

Not sure how you want to come across? Here’s a start. Select from this list:

__ casual, friendly, approachable

__ conservative and businesslike

__ distinguished, stately, refined

__ gentle, soft, romantic

__ unconventional, artistic, original

Are you lacking inspiration? Similar to that of interior designers and wedding planners, stylists also pull images that inspire them. Try doing the same. Grab personal photos, pictures of interior and outdoor designs you love, movie shots, fabric and color swatches-nothing is off limits! Developing your style is a process, even if your wish is to dress exactly like a certain celebrity, that takes time too.

Speaking of celebrities, is there anyone’s style in particular that you would like to emulate? You’ll be surprised that many times you will have the same shape as the person whom you would like to mimic. Ellen DeGeneres, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel, these women all have very different styles and bodies; looking for inspiration from people in the past or present is a place to start.

The goal is to hone in on a feeling you want from your clothes. (We are not trying to BE someone else, but rather borrow the ‘vibe’ of someone we admire style wise. I.E. You might say, you like the laid back and original look of Ellen DeGeneres instead of ‘I want to have Halle Berry’s body!’ etc. :))

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